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0-0 in Hartberg was not enough

Austria Wien had to take the 0-0 in the second round of the European Cup against TSV Prolactal Hartberg. After the 2-3 in the first round, the “Violets” missed the chance for the European Cup.

Christian Ilzer returned to the 4-2-3-1 system with the return of Alexander Grünwald. Michael Madl was not in the squad due to adductor problems, Alexandar Borković took his place. Andreas Poulsen started on the left in the back four. In addition to Grünwald, Thomas Ebner started in the defensive midfield. Behind striker Christoph Monschein, Benedikt Pichler, Manprit Sarkaria and Patrick Wimmer formed the central offense.

Markus Schopp was able to put Rajko Rep in the line-up again. The Slovenian started behind Dario Tadic next to Peter Tschernegg, who was also new to the starting line-up.

No goals before the break...

The decisive game for the last Europa Cup spot began with a fight. Patrick Wimmer, Florian Klein and Andreas Poulsen had to be treated after attacks by Hartberg, Poulsen even had to be replaced with a shoulder injury. Vesel Demaku came into the game for the Dane, played in defensive midfield. Thomas Ebner moved to the left wing.

The aggressive game lacked chances for goals, Christoph Monschein was held back several times for offside positions. A free kick by Alexander Grünwald from an angle went over the goal (33’). Monschein came to a header after a cross by Pichler, but did not hit the ball well enough (36’). On the other side, Rajko Rep had a similar free kick chance, but also missed the goal (39’). Monschein tried it from a distance, Rene Swete was on the spot (45’). The first half ended goalless.

... even in the second half the ball did not want to land in the goal

There were no changes during the break, Hartberg had the first chance: After a corner by Tadic, Patrick Pentz parried a header from Bakary Nimaga (54’). Then the “Violets” grew stronger. Patrick Wimmer made his way through the midfield, after double pass with Monschein, Hartberg ruined the chance (55’). A shot by Alexandar Borković after the corner was blocked (56’). Maximilian Sax came for Thomas Ebner, with Patrick Wimmer the left full-back position was taken by the third player. Bright Edomwonyi replaced Benedikt Pichler.

Sarkaria made a header after a cross from Florian Klein - no problem for Swete (69’). Patrick Pentz kept Austria Wien in the game with a parade against Rep, who ran alone towards our goalkeeper (79’). After a corner from Sarkaria, the ball - coming froma Hartberg - narrowly missed the bar (85’). A shot by Wimmer was blocked to the corner (87’). Swete saved against Edomwonyi, the last chance of the game. Austria Wien had to say goodbye to the European Cup with a 0-0 - congratulations to Hartberg.

TSV Prolactal Hartberg - FK Austria Wien 0-0

Hartberg: Swete; Lienhart, Rotter, Luckeneder, Klem; Nimaga; Ried, Tschernegg (74’ Kainz), Rep (86’ Dossou), Dante; Tadic

Austria Wien: Pentz; Klein, Palmer-Brown, Borković, Poulsen (22’ Demaku); Ebner (62Ä Sax), Grünwald; Pichler (76’ Edomwonyi), Sarkaria, Wimmer; Monschein

Goals: none

Yellow cards: Rep (39’), Luckeneder (57’), Klem (75’)

Profertil Arena Hartberg, referee Manuel Schüttengruber, no spectators allowed