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0-4 - Bitter home defeat against Sturm Graz

Austria Wien fell behind in the 40th minute because of a goal by David Nemeth. The “Violets” wanted to equalize after the break, a red card against Dominik Fitz and two goals from Otar Kiteishvili decided the game in favor of the guests. Bekim Balaj scored during stoppage time.

Dominik Fitz returned to the starting eleven, Manprit Sarkaria was absent due to illness and was not in the squad this time. Otherwise, Peter Stöger made no changes. Next to Stephan Zwierschitz, Niels Hahn started in the center of the defensive midfield.

Christian Ilzer returned to the Generali-Arena with Sturm Graz, he also made only one change: Otar Kiteishvili started instead of Andreas Kuen.

Sturm Graz took the lead shortly before the break

Sturm Graz had the first finishes: Kevin Friesenbichler, an old friend, brought the ball towards Patrick Pentz, who had no problems with the shot (5’). Ivan Ljubic shot over the goal (9’). However, Austria Wien had the first great chance: Benedikt Pichler prevailed on the left wing, Patrick Wimmer took his cross with a header, Jörg Siebenhandl parried (12’). A header by Gorenc Stankovic was more dangerous than it looked at first, Pentz slipped but the ball went next to the goal (24’). Another shot by Markus Suttner reached Pichler, who ideally passed to Aleksandar Jukić. Amadou Dante prevented the finish at the last moment (33’).

Sturm Graz took the lead in the 40th minute. Kevin Friesenbichler extended a corner from Jakob Jantscher, David Nemeth shot from close range. Jukić tried a long shot, Siebenhandl made the safe (43’). On the other side, Pentz was able to make the save against Friesenbichler (45’). The break started with a score of 0-1.

Red card and two goals within five minutes

Without a change the second half started. Sturm Graz scored another goal through Ivan Ljubic, but it was not recognized due to an offside position (46’). A counterattack against Dominik Fitz ended with a cross that was a bit too far (47’). Benedikt Pichler put a header over the goal after a cross by Suttner (56’). Shortly after, Pichler prepared a chance for Dominik Fitz, his finish just missed the second pole (57’).

Peter Stöger brought Christoph Monschein instead of Patrick Wimmer, but all efforts to equalize were made more difficult by the exclusion of Dominik Fitz (69’). A double strike by Otar Kiteishvili, in the 70th and 74th minute, decided the game.

Alexander Grünwald came instead of Niels Hahn, Patrick Pentz prevented an even bigger defeat with two brilliant saves against Ivan Ljubic and Gregory Wüthrich (83’). When Bekim Balaj shot the fourth goal, even Pentz was powerless (90’+3’). Austria Wien suffered a severe defeat against SK Puntigamer Sturm.

FK Austria Wien - SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 0-4 (0-1)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Teigl, Handl, Palmer-Brown, Suttner; Wimmer (58’ Monschein), Zwierschitz, Hahn (75’ Grünwald), Jukić (88’ Sax); Fitz, Pichler

Sturm Graz: Siebenhandl; Ingolitsch, Nemeth, Wüthrich, Dante (79’ Gazibegovic); Hierländer (87’ Huspek), Gorenc; Stankovic, Kiteishvili (87’ Shabanhaxhaj), Ljubic; Friesenbichler (73’ Balaj), Jantscher (73’ Kuen)

Goals: Nemeth (40’), Kiteishvili (70’, 74’), Balaj (90’+3’)

Yellow cards: Hahn (24’); Stankovic (32’), Wüthrich (65’)

Red card: Fitz (69’)

Generali-Arena, referee Christopher Jäger, no spectators due to COVID-19 regulation