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Austria Vienna visited parks in Favoriten

Our Favoriten. Our Austria. Captain Markus Suttner, Marco Djuricin and Noah Ohio as well as sport director Manuel Ortlechner visited Arthaberpark and Laubepark in Favoriten on Thursday afternoon and surprised the many kids who spent their free time outdoors in the best weather.

©FK Austria Wien/Köhler

In Arthaberpark, not far from Reumannplatz, Markus Suttner, Marco Djuricin and Noah Ohio—many of our players live in Favoriten themselves—put in and planted fruit and vegetables together with many girls and boys.

Afterwards, the Violets handed out a healthy snack to the many children, took countless photos and diligently signed autographs. Together with some talented kickers, they tricked and chatted, and the players answered questions about soccer.

Then the Austria players moved on to Laubepark, just a few alleys away, where many kids chased the leather themselves on meadows and in the cage. The joy was admittedly huge when the purple idols stopped by and once again signed many autographs, took time for photo requests and handed out food.

"Favoriten is our home, our district. Meeting the people and especially the children here is something special every time. Also for our players," said sport director Manuel Ortlechner.

A big thank you for the cooperation goes to the Kinderfreunde in Vienna-Favoriten.