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Deserved 4-1 victory in Mattersburg

With goals from Manprit Sarkaria, Stephan Zwierschitz, Erik Palmer-Brown and Alexander Grünwald, Austria Wien celebrated their 3rd victory of the season against Mattersburg, Patrick Bürger scored once for the home team.

Christian Ilzer made four changes against the third in the table. Alexandar Borković and Stephan Zwierschitz replaced Erik Palmer-Brown and Christoph Martschinko in the back four. The defensive midfield was formed by Thomas Ebner and James Jeggo, Alexander Grünwald started in the offensive midfield.

Mattersburg coach Franz Ponweiser had to do without Andreas Gruber. Patrick Bürger started instead of the top scorer.

Sarkaria and Zwierschitz scored for the “Violets”, Bürger for SVM

The game started slow, in the 12th minute Alex Grünwald came to a finish, but the ball went over the goal. After a free kick by Patrick Pentz, Manprit Sarkaria started from his own half, prevailed against Patrick Salomon and tried a shot from about 20 meters. The shot was deflected by David Nemeth and landed on the inside of the bar – 0-1 (18’).

Austria Wien kept on going, another shot by Grünwald missed the goal (21’). Sarkaria failed on goalkeeper Markus Kuster after a pass by Christoph Monschein (29’). A cross by Dominik Fitz was cleared by Alois Höller, from the resulting corner the “Violets” scored again. Fitz kicked the corner, Monschein extended to the centre, Stephan Zwierschitz pushed the ball over the line with a header (30’).

Christoph Monschein gave Florian Klein a great chance for the 0-3 (34’), on the other side Patrick Bürger scored with the first chance for the home team - 1-2 (38’). With a narrow lead for Austria Wien the halftime break started.

Palmer-Brown and Grünwald secured the victory

During the break Erik Palmer-Brown replaced Michael Madl. Jano saw yellow after a tactical foul against Christoph Monschein, Palmer-Brown scored after another corner by Fitz – 1-3 (48’).

With this, the two-goal lead was quickly restored. Christoph Halper had one of the few chances for Matterburg, but missed the goal (56’). On the other side of the pitch, Alexander Grünwald shot a free kick over the wall into the corner - 1-4 (58’). Our captain scored 6 times in a row against Mattersburg.

After a nice pass from Dominik Fitz, substitute Lukas Rath prevented the fifth goal for Austria Wien through Sarkaria (63’). Thomas Ebner failed on Kuster (72’). After a short drinking break, Christian Ilzer brought Bright Edomwonyi and Dominik Prokop for Christoph Monschein and Dominik Fitz. A cross by Patrick Wimmer – who just replaced Manprit Sarkaria - on Dominik Prokop was unfortunately deflected by Mattersburg (79’). With Benedikt Pichler for Alexander Grünwald, Ilzer made all his changes.

Not too much happened afterwards, Austria Wien clearly won 4-1 and, together with Altach, set themselves apart from the chasers in the standings.

SV Mattersburg - FK Austria Wien 1-4 (1-2)

Mattersburg: Kuster; Nemeth (62’ Rath), Jano, Mahrer; Höller, Salomon, Erhardt, Miesenböck (23’ Lercher); Halper (63’ Schimandl), Bürger (63’ Pusic), Kuen (77’ Nico Pichler)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Klein, Madl (46’ Palmer-Brown), Borković, Zwierschitz; Ebner, Jeggo; Fitz (72’ Prokop), Grünwald (86’ Pichler), Sarkaria (77’ Wimmer); Monschein (72’ Edomwonyi)

Goals: Bürger (38’); Sarkaria (18’), Zwierschitz (30’), Palmer-Brown (48’), Grünwald (58’, free kick)

Yellow cards: Höller (8’), Erhardt (67’); Madl (43’)

Pappelstadium, referee Markus Hameter, no spectators allowed