Lustenau – Austria Wien |


With speed & dynamics into the play-off

Austria Wien host Austria Lustenau in the play-off first leg on Thursday at 17:00. The return match will take place on Sunday in Vienna. Michael Wimmer talks about the duel for the last European Cup ticket.


The winner of the play-off will enter the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa Conference League in the summer (27.7./3.8.) and would thus have to survive a total of three rounds before reaching the group stage.

The last meeting with Lustenau was a 1-0 loss away from home despite a clear chance advantage. The 1-1 draw against FC Red Bull Salzburg last Saturday at the end of the championship group saw Austria narrowly miss out on fourth place, but the performance has all the Violets optimistic for the play-off.

Coach Michael Wimmer: "At first we were disappointed because we brought Salzburg to the brink of defeat and also the result in Klagenfurt was such that we could have actually still reached fourth place. Nevertheless, we can put the game in the right perspective, it outweighs the good performance against Salzburg, which should give us a broad chest for the two play-off games. We will play to win in the first leg in Lustenau and want to win both games, knowing that Austria Lustenau is a good team and has a coach who adjusts the team tactically very well. We know what to expect. The win on Monday will give them extra energy. Whether Lustenau get tired will be up to us, whether we manage to play football with pace and dynamism."

Personnel news

"Dominik Fitz is still ill and will not be in Lustenau. We hope that it will work out by Sunday," Michael Wimmer tells us. Johannes Handl is also out with a flu-like infection. Lucas Galvao will be back in the squad, Florian Kopp is suspended due to his red card at the Young Violets. Otherwise, the long-term injured Ziad El Sheiwi, Doron Leidner, Marko Raguž, Florian Wustinger and Muki Husković are missing.

In the Bundesliga play-off there is no away goals rule, in case of a tie after both games the second leg goes into extra time (2x 15 minutes), as well as a penalty shoot-out if needed. In extra time, a sixth change would be allowed. Suspensions due to fifth yellow cards are not carried over into the play-off.