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"Wien X" Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, 19.11.

To mark 19.11., for many Austrians the unofficial holiday for the best club since 1911, we will hide ten exclusive jerseys in the favorites design in our tenth district.

Daniel Shaked

The scavenger hunt will kick off for all Violets on Saturday, November 19 at 9:00 a.m. with a post on our social media channels, followed shortly thereafter by more detailed information about the hiding places in our instagram story & facebook story.

If you find a jersey in the Boss district, the jersey is yours. If you send us an e-mail to klubservice@fk-austria.at with a photo of your new "Wien X" jersey in the place in Favoriten where you found it, you will receive two spring subscriptions to Austria Wien.

Those who know Favoriten have an advantage.

We wish you a nice violet holiday and a lot of fun searching!