Austria ties up seven talents from the academy

Austria Wien is taking a new approach and equipping the most talented academy players with perspective player contracts as part of the 'ACADEMIES ELEVEN' project. The first seven of these are Denis Dizdarevic, Luka Izderic, Philipp Klein, Luca Pazourek, Enis Safin, Sanel Saljic and Rocco Sutterlüty from the U18 and U16 teams.

Academy director Florian Mader, Sanel Saljic, Luka Izderic, Rocco Sütterlüty, Denis Dizdarevic, Philipp Klein, sport director Manuel Ortlechner and Enis Safin (l.t.r.). Luca Pazourek is missing from the photo due to illness.

(c) Daniel Shaked

Sports Director Manuel Ortlechner: "This is our way. We want to show our academy players that we are fully committed to them: not only to those who receive a perspective contract, but to all of them. Everyone still has the chance to recommend themselves for higher tasks through hard work, but at the same time there is no guarantee for anyone that they will make it. With the 'ACADEMIES ELEVEN' project, we want to encourage and challenge our youth."