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Become a member 20/21 & support fans during Corona!

Who would have thought that in the 110th year since the foundation of FK Austria Wien we were faced with such a test? The effects of COVID-19 affect us all - that's why, in connection with the new Austria Wien membership 2020/21, for the first time we have a violet aid fund for fans who are in need because of the Coronavirus.

Almost two months ago President Frank Hensel spoke of a “difficult situation”. That was before COVID-19 hit Austria.

One thing is certain: The challenge of COVID-19 will be huge. And not only is it a big challenge for the club, but - as we have heard in many personal conversations - for many supporters as well, who, due to the Coronavirus, suddenly came into need.

This creates a first-time, unique action - in two ways. Because on the one hand, the new membership 2020/21 is going on sale now and thus earlier than ever before. And on the other hand, we set up the Violet Aid Fund for fans who are in need because of the Coronavirus.

This works as follows: The more "Violets” buy for membership, the more money goes to the Violet Aid Fund - and more “Violets” can be helped.

Violet Aid Fund

Example: With 1,000 members, 5,000 euros go to the Violet Aid Fund, with 2,000 members it is 10,000 euros and with 3,000 members, 15,000 euros. 5,000 members? That would mean about 25,000 euros for the Violet aid fund. The deadline for donations is August 1st, 2020.

There are two ways to become an Austria Wien member!

If you prefer a comfortable, but always cancellable, annual standing order: Then send us this completed form (confirmation of the "SEPA direct debit") and signed by e-mail, post or fax.

If you want your membership to run for a year: Then you can join now at and help!

Markus Kraetschmer, ‘We thank all fans for the letters and calls from the past few days. We notice that the virus affects everyone. Some are on short-time work, many have lost their jobs - and still have Austria Wien on their mind. That is exactly our mission, that is what gives us incredible strength. If we manage to stay healthy and secure Austria Wien’s existence, if we act together, then football and Austria Wien will have a new meaning for us after this crisis.’

Peter Stöger, ‘These days the Corona Virus shows us how vulnerable our society, our system and football are. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that if we master this test together, we will never forget these formative cuts and restrictions. If we show the urgent need for cohesion and can rely on each other. This Austria Wien membership has never existed, it is a great challenge, but it shows once again what our club stands for.’

The new membership cards will be sent out in May. ‘Violets’ that have used a standing order in the past (about a tenth) do not have to renew their membership manually. Even though the new membership is going on sale already, the celebrations for our members in 19/20 are still postponed and in no way cancelled. The plan is to catch up as soon as possible.

The birthday cards and the birthday present for our “Löwen” members will also be sent later.

Cheers to the old Austria Wien flag never going down ...