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Bitter last-minute defeat in Altach

The Veilchen give a safe 2-0 lead out of hand and lose 2:3 at Altacher Schnabelholz thanks to a last-minute header by Adthe Nuhiu. We remain last in the table.


The third round of the Admiral Bundesliga took the Veilchen to Altacher Schnabelholz. Manfred Schmid's goal of scoring all the points against the still winless Vorarlberg side did not border on cockiness in view of the big plans. Nevertheless, the Violets head coach issued an urgent warning about the opponent in the run-up: "We are as far away from a sure-fire winner as Vienna is from Altach."

Compared to the home draw against LASK, Schmid was forced to make minor personnel adjustments. Aco Jukic replaced Andi Gruber, who suffered a knock to the knee in training, at right back. Manfred Fischer moved to left midfield, leaving Dominik Fitz at least nominally in the center. Newcomer Haris Tabakovic was given preference over Muki Huskovic as a solo striker.

The guests had the first opportunity worth mentioning. Motz Braunöder was able to get through on the left outline and served "returnee" Manfred Fischer in the penalty area, who failed to beat the well anticipating Altach goalkeeper Casali (6th).

Fischer for the lead

After a ten-minute feeling-out period, Altach fought their way into the game, had more possession in this phase, remained offensively harmless apart from a Nuhiu aerial from the five-corner (15th) - and were caught cold a little later. After losing the ball on the outline, Marvin Martins ran away from Thurnwald, cut deep into the penalty area and assisted Mandi Fischer, who was left alone and gave himself a belated birthday present from seven meters (19th).

Shortly afterwards, the Violets were lucky. After a deflection by Lucas Galvao, the ball rolled into the path of Tibidi, whose low shot went past friend, foe and goal (23rd).

In minute 37, Austria missed the chance to take the lead. After a Fitz-Corner, Tino Casali deflected a well-taken header by Lukas Mühl. On the counterattack, Jäger took a shot on the five-yard line after Jurcec's pass from Stangl, but Galvao heroically saved it for a corner. The home side remained troublesome. Nuhiu completed a Forson cross just past Früchtl's box (40th). On the other side Tabakovic did not get pressure on the ball after Braunöder's cross (41st).

Violets had decision at the foot

The beginning of the second half was still dominated by the Violets. Coach Schmid brought on Huskovic in place of Jukic and saw his team's next big opportunity shortly after the restart: via Tabakovic and Fitz, Fischer had an unchallenged chance to finish at the sixteen, but he failed to do so (46th). Just two minutes later, Tabakovic thundered a header against the crossbar, but was offside.

After 52 minutes the score was 2-0: After a wonderful combination of Braunöder and Huskovic, Tabakovic was standing where he should be. Referee Altmann revised his previously made offside decision and pointed in the direction of the middle of the field to the cheers of the fans. Shortly after, it was Tabakovic again who had the final decision on his foot, but failed to put the ball in the goal from a few meters.

Altach turns crazy game

And so the game took an unexpected turn. After an Altach corner, Adthe Nuhiu was in the right place and headed past Früchtl for the equalizer (62nd). A goal that should awaken the Altacher to life. After opportunities by Reiter (69th) and Nuhiu (72nd), the equalizer came from a corner. An unsuccessful attempt by Braunöder to clear the ball found its way via the inner bar to make it 2:2 (74)th.

Altach remained to pressure and even turned the game on its head in the last second. In the 95th minute, a long cross found the head of Adthe Nuhiu, who headed in for the 3:2 final score.

SCR Altach - Austria Wien 3-2 (0-1)

SCR Altach: Casali; Thurnwald, Zwischenbrugger, Gugganig (59th Strauss), Edokpolor (73th Schreiner); Jäger, Haudum (59th Bukta); Forson, Tibidi (73th Tartarotti), Jurcec (59th Reiter); Nuhiu.

Austria Wien: Früchtl; Ranftl, Mühl, Galvao, Martins (87th Kreiker); Holland (59th Wustinger), Braunöder; Jukic (46th Huskovic), Fitz (71st Teigl), Fischer (87th Vucic); Tabakovic.

Goals: Nuhiu (63rd, 95th), Braunöder (74th/OT); Tabakovic (53rd), Fischer (19th).

Yellow cards: Zwischenbrugger, Strauss; Braunöder, Tabakovic, Huskovic, Fitz

Cashpoint Arena, 6000 spectators; SR Walter Altmann