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Digitization in Sports

In partnership with FC Bayern Digital & Media Lab GmbH, Austria Wien is working on the digitization of the administration and all areas of sport. This enables a uniform recording of all data measured in the sports department, precise monitoring of player development, improved scouting, more efficient rehabilitation & faster communication. Ultimately, the large amounts of data also provide a basis for decision-making for training control and rehab training.

With the analysis system APEX from STATSports, detailed performance data is collected from every player during all trainings and games. Academy, Young Violets and A-Team work in the same system with the same data categories. This enables a continuous review of player development: from academy players to Bundesliga professionals. The player profile also includes regular evaluations of the coaching team.


On the Scouting platform from Sports One, the scouting team and the sports management can define games and players that are to be observed live. The respective scouts enter their ratings from the live scouting directly on the platform. Via external data providers, all game data with all player information - also external players - is automatically imported into the system.

Medical department

An extensive health file is created for each player. The medical department enters all diagnostic data and uploads, for example, MRI images and doctors' reports. Thanks to the exact performance profile of each player, the rehabilitation department can measure exactly when the player can start training again.

Communication with data protection

Sports One's communication platform focuses on data protection. Austria Wien thus said goodbye to the open WhatsApp system in communication with the players and relies on a closed system in which the data is secure. The players get all the information they need from Sports One conveniently via app on their mobile phone and can communicate in group and individual chats. Important information about performance data or videos can also be sent.

Sports Analytic Cloud (SAC)

The Sports Analytic Cloud is a statistics tool that enables essentials to be filtered out of huge amounts of data, put in context and simply displayed. This data can also be linked to ticketing and accounting data, for example. Two examples: Does the salary structure of the players match the performance data? Is there a connection between a special shoe model and an injury frequency?

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