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A home victory against Altach thanks to a strong second half

Altach took the lead after 25 minutes with a goal by Chinedu Obasi, but the “Violets” turned the game in an impressive way in the second half. Dominik Fitz and Manprit Sarkaria scored twice, Christoph Schösswendter scored a goal despite an injury – 5-1.

Due to injuries, Peter Stöger was forced to make adjustments, Patrick Wimmer started on the left in the back four instead of Andreas Poulsen. Georg Teigl started on the right. Erik Palmer-Brown was not able to play because of muscular problems, Johannes Handl took his place. Dominik Fitz and Christoph Monschein returned to the starting line-up in the offensive. With Monschein and Benedikt Pichler, Peter Stöger went with two strikers this time.

Neven Subotic and Csaba Bukta celebrated their starting line-up debut for SCR Altach. Berkay Dabanli also started from the beginning. Johannes Tartarotti and Daniel Nussbaumer were available to coach Alex Pastoor, while captain Philipp Netzer will not be able to play for a few weeks.

Obasi scored for the guests

The medical department was already on duty in the initial phase. Chinedu Obasi accidentally stepped on Christoph Schösswendter's wrist, but the central defender was able to continue with a thick bandage. Dominik Fitz had the first chance, but his low shot missed the goal, Benedikt Pichler assisted (13’). Christoph Monschein had a chance with a header after a cross by Fitz, but he also missed (16’). Patrick Pentz prevented the 1-0- by Daniel Maderner in the 23rd minute. Two minutes later a rather broken shot by Maderner reached Chinedu Obasi, who pushed the ball over the line (25’).

As in the previous week, the “Violets” had to deal with an early deficit, Pentz prevented worse with a brilliant save against Manfred Fischer (29’). After assist by Aleksandar Jukić, Christoph Monschein was blocked by Altach’s back team (36’). On the other side, Patrick Pentz saved again when Csaba Bukta suddenly appeared in front of our goalkeeper (38’). A free kick from Jukić hit the crossbar (41’). Dominik Fitz had the last chance of the first half after a nice action, but his finish was too central (45t’+1’) - 0-1 at break.

Furious second half turns the game

Fortunately, the second half began with the equalizer: Christoph Monschein sent Benedikt Pichler forward, who served Dominik Fitz ideally. Fitz did not miss the chance and slammed the ball under the crossbar at full speed – 1-1 after only 19 seconds. Christoph Schösswendter stayed strong and despite his injury he made a save on the line after Pentz was defeated (49’). The game was turned after 56 minutes. Manprit Sarkaria lifted the ball to Christoph Monschein, who played across to Dominik Fitz. The 21-year-old scored his second goal for the "Violets” - 2-1.

After the break, Austria Wien was clearly the better team, but the increasingly thick fog in the Generali-Arena was a problem for everyone involved. Manprit Sarkaria could only be stopped by a foul after a quick counterattack. Dominik Fitz brought the free kick to the middle, Eric Martel put back on Christoph Schösswendter, who scored the 3-1 - his first goal for Austria Wien in a very exciting game (68’). This was followed by the big appearance of Manprit Sarkaria, he also scored twice in the 72nd and in the 75th minute. The first goal was achieved with the help of Stefan Haudum, who deflected the ball decisively; Sarkaria scored the second goal after assist by Benedikt Pichler.

The game was decided, but Austria Wien still didn't have enough. A shot by Pichler was deflected to the corner, a shot by Sarkaria after a cross from Fitz was parried by Martin Kobras (78’, 80’). Johannes Handl let a long shot hit the crossbar (83’). Emir Karic saw yellow-red shortly before the end. Substitutes Marco Djuricin and Alexander Grünwald missed the last chances for the home team during stoppage time. Austria Wien prevailed with 5-1 against SCR Altach thanks to an outstanding second half.

FK Austria Wien - CASHPOINT SCR Altach 5-1 (0-1)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Teigl (87’ Zwierschitz), Schösswendter, Handl, Wimmer; Martel; Fitz, Jukić (87’ Grünwald), Sarkaria (87’ Zeka); Pichler (80’ Djuricin), Monschein (74’ Ebner)

Altach: Kobras; Oum Gouet, Subotic (74’ Bumberger), Dabanli (45’ Anderson), Karic; Casar (69’ Stefel), Haudum, Fischer; Maderner, Obasi (90t’+2’ Meilinger), Bukta (69’ Nussbaumer)

Goals: Fitz (46’,56’), Schösswendter (68’), Sarkaria (72’, 75’); Obasi (25’)

Yellow cards: Jukić (66’); Maderner (31’), Haudum (45’+1’), Karic (67’)

Yellow-red card: Karic (89’)

Generali-Arena, referee Andreas Heiß, no spectators due to the COVID-19 regulation