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Thoughts on the strategic partnership

Austria Wien and the internationally operating company Insignia have entered a trend-setting partnership. All information and thoughts from the press conference at a glance.

FK Austria Wien and Insignia founded a joint marketing company, FK Austria Wien International Marketing GmbH, whose managing directors are Aleksandar Bursac and Markus Kraetschmer. The company's mission is to attract international sponsors with the help of the Insignia Group's large and worldwide network.

Luka Sur, Vice President of the Insignia Lifestyle Group, will join the Supervisory Board of FK Austria Wien AG.

Frank Hensel, President of FK Austria Wien, about ...

... the first contact with Insignia: "The contact came about through our network. There were many in the Austria Wien community who got involved. We invited all interested parties, a considerable number, to talks. Insignia was one of our favorites right from the start."

... the newly formed company: "We have succeeded in forming a joint company with Insignia during a pandemic whose end is unfortunately not yet in sight. This will ensure that FK Austria Wien AG remains 100% owned by the club FK Austria Wien and that the name, club color and logo remain unchanged. The task of this new company will be to find international partners to have additional funds available for the professional teams and to get further planning security. At the same time, all existing partners and sponsors will remain on board, thank you at this point for your loyalty and cooperation."

... the next steps: "The signing is just the beginning. As with all major projects, this is when the work really begins. We have to and will tackle many things together, not only in the sporting area, and will do everything we can to make this partnership a success. We will continue on the path of developing our talents, also in close cooperation with our partner."

... the Young Violets and the academy: "Nothing will change for the Young Violets. We currently have several players in the fighting team who were still playing in the 2nd division last year. They did an excellent job as a link between the academy and the fighting team last year. In the academy, we need to be more open, also look to neighboring countries."

... immediate goals: "We all agree that we are in a transition year, so we are realistic enough. Of course, it would be very nice if we could still make it into the championship group. But it's also about preparing to be successful in the coming season."

Markus Kraetschmer, CEO of FK Austria Wien, on ...

... the joint path to partnership: "Behind me and us lie 16 months that I have never experienced professionally before. The entire process up to the present day has brought to light a great unity and incredible teamwork that was unique. I want to thank everyone involved, the board, the many employees and all the external partners for this work."

... the reputation of FK Austria Wien: "It was exciting to observe the topics that came our way in the talks. But it was just as interesting to see how positively Austria Wien is viewed, despite the current sporting situation and the past few years. There were four points that were highly interesting for almost all partners. On the one hand, the infrastructure with the stadium, the training grounds, the academy and the Viola Park, as well as the regional junior center that is still to come. Then there was the club's sporting structure, which includes not only the professionals but also the Young Violets in the 2nd division, the academy, youth development and our commitment to women's soccer with the new academy. In addition, our school model with the new ball sports gymnasium right next to the stadium, the soccer school and the CSR activities have been perceived very positively around the world. Another motivating factor is the Austrian Bundesliga. One must not forget the international successes the clubs have achieved in recent years, the standings in the five-year rankings have not gone unnoticed. And last but not least, simply Vienna as the most liveable city in the world, the second largest German-speaking city and a hub in Central Europe."

... the newly founded company and the responsibility: "FK Austria Wien International Marketing GmbH plays an important role for the financing. Just by establishing this company, you can see that this project will be a long-term one. Of course, we need and want to see success on the pitch, but I am still proud of the results. We have a joint marketing company here, all existing contracts with our partners remain in place and remain with FK Austria Wien. We have taken great care to comply with all FIFA, UEFA, ÖFB and ÖFBL regulations. The old management contract with Magna also played a major role, and we were able to take a lot from that time. Because you always have to consider what happens when a partnership ends for whatever reason. In the end, we know about the responsibility we have. This club will be 110 years old in a few days and is the most successful club in all of Austria in terms of titles."

... a shirt sponsor: "Not least thanks to the international partnership, we are putting our focus entirely on chest sponsorship, we want to solve the issue. In this case, we are not just thinking of one partner, but several. This will be the first joint effort."

Luka Sur, Vice President Insignia Lifestyle Group, about ...

... the Insignia company: "We are the leading supplier of luxury lifestyle items and operate worldwide. Over the past 25 years, Insignia has grown considerably and has come into its own. The company has long offered not only luxury products but is also a recognized consultant in soccer."

... Austria Wien: "We are convinced that Austria Wien can be one of the most important brands in European soccer. The infrastructure and the fans have convinced us and quite honestly, I don't know of a better city in Europe or a better team here in Vienna. The history and heritage of the club are very important to us. Unity is the key in this project."

... the Austria fans: "Unity with the fans is of great importance to us because we can't do anything without them. We want to get closer to the Austria fans and always involve them."

... Goals: "We want to make Austria Wien one of the biggest brands in Europe. The clear goal is to compete for national titles every year and to be regularly represented in international competitions. Improving athletic performance is one point, we want to promote domestic talent and at the same time sign players through cooperation's with international clubs."

... who he is as a person: "What many people don't know is that I was born in Vienna. For me, this is now like coming home and I'm really looking forward to the project."

Aleksandar Bursac, Managing Director of FK Austria Wien International Marketing GmbH, on ...

... the joint project: "I can't add much to the words of the previous speakers. I would like to thank everyone who was involved here and did a great job. Our project is not a 100-meter sprint, but like a marathon."

... the cooperation: "Peter Stöger was and is the sports director, Markus Kraetschmer is the CEO. We work together as a team, that's the only way we can succeed. But we won't be implementing any new ideas here."