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Europe, here we come!

All's well that ends well. The Violets celebrate a 5:0 victory in the play-off final second leg against Austria Lustenau (total score 6:1) and start next season in the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA European Conference League. Mandi Fischer (with a brace), Haris Tabakovic, Dominik Fitz and Andi Gruber scored for Violett. For Lustenau, centre-back Jean Hugonet was sent off in the early stages.


All or nothing. That was the motto for the play-off final second leg of the Admiral-Bundesliga. The Veilchen were doomed to success against Austria Lustenau if they wanted to secure the last remaining European Cup place, which would entitle them to enter the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA European Conference League. Coach Michi Wimmer was confident ahead of the game: "With our fans behind us, we'll give everything we've got!

Compared to the first leg 1-1 in Lustenau, the head coach made three adaptations. Aco Jukic started in defensive midfield instead of Motz Braunöder, and instead of Andi Gruber, Wimmer opted for Nikola Dovedan. Both brought fresh wind into the game on Thursday after their substitution. The recovered Dominik Fitz was only on the bench for the time being.

Red card, violet lead

The Violets started with a lot of momentum. After Tabakovic's pass through a hole, Aco Jukic appeared in the penalty area, but Anderson tucked the ball away for a corner (6th). After a good quarter of an hour the game-deciding scene: Lustenau defender Hugonet, as the last man, hit the head of Nikola Dovedan during a clearing attempt, who immediately went down. After an on-field review, referee Schüttengruber revised his yellow decision and sent Hugonet off. The fouled player circled the subsequent free kick into the corner of the net, and Schierl could only clap the ball forward, where Manfred Fischer was in the right position and scored for the lead (18th).

Clear advantages for the Violets

The Violets looked fresher than their opponents, remained annoying in defence and created more chances. After a cross from Manu Polster, Haris Tabakovic, standing alone in front of the goal, failed to beat Luschnou goalkeeper Schierl (24th). On the other side, Früchtl defused an awkward Diaby touchdown (37th). A Fischer cross pass to Dovedan was too imprecise (40.), a Jukic long shot was deflected by Schierl for a corner (43rd), a Polster shot from an acute angle just missed the opponent's goal (45th), the score remained 1-0 at the break.

Violets make everything clear

The second half began exactly as it did three days ago. Tabakovic held his ground on the wing against Grujcic, passed into the middle to Ranftl, who elegantly rose over the ball, Mandi Fischer gave Schierl no chance from 15 metres, 2-0 (46th).

The scorer himself initiated the 3-0: Tabakovic to Dovedan, who once again passed to Tabakovic, Dominic Schierl had no chance (61st). It was the 18th goal of the season for the Swiss, the first against his former employer. Haris on Fire, it echoed through the Generali Arena. The 4-0 was a little long in coming, but finally came. Andi Gruber passed to Dominik Fitz, who did a little dance in the penalty area and scored dry into the short corner. At 5-0, the roles were reversed. Fitz with a long pass to Andi Gruber, who scored the final goal with a blast (86th).

Austria beat Lustenau with a total score of 6-1 and will play internationally next season.

FK Austria Wien - SC Austria Lustenau 5-0 (1-0)

Goals: Fischer (18th, 46th), Tabakovic (61st), Fitz (84th), Gruber (86th)

FK Austria Wien:
Früchtl; Meisl, Martins, Mühl; Ranftl (82nd Teigl), Holland, Jukic (67th Fitz), Fischer (73rd Braunöder), Polster (67th Baltaxa); Dovedan (74th Gruber), Tabakovic.

SC Austria Lustenau:
Schierl; Grujcic, Maak (67th Türkmen), Hugonet, Berger; Grabher, Tiefenbach (56th Adriel), Anderson, Surdanovic (68th Rhein), Diaby (69th Motika); Fridrikas.

Martins; Fridrikas, Adriel

Hugonet (17th/prevention of a promising scoring opportunity)

Generali-Arena, 12 084 spectators:inside, referee Manuel Schüttengruber