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Women & academy continue on the ball, juniors take a break

Despite the renewed lockdown, training continues for the women's team and the men's academy teams, as do matches. For the time being, however, all of the Violets' junior teams will have to take a break. Martin Pototschnig and Florian Mader provide information.

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Once again, developments surrounding the Corona pandemic forced the company to scale back its activities. As of late, however, the national leagues in men's and women's football can continue, as can the ÖFB youth leagues.

"The fact that it can continue in the academy is enormously important. The talents can continue to train and play the last games of the fall championship. The prevention concept works, we already saw that last time," says a delighted Academy Director Florian Mader.

And Martin Pototschnig, sporting director of the women's team, agrees: "Although we are already in the winter break in terms of the championship, we still have a few weeks of training planned, which are not insignificant for further development. Thanks to the ÖFB's prevention concept, we can also implement this."

Home program for violet juniors

All the more regrettable is the fact that it can't continue for the time being for all the other violet teams. "It is a great pity for the children, that they are once again not allowed to train. Especially for the U14 players, who are, after all, on the verge of making the jump to the academy. We will work with home programs again in the coming weeks and hope that we can switch back to normal training operations when the lockdown ends in mid-December," Mader said.