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Julia Mak: "We’re really looking forward to the big game"

This Friday, it finally starts again for the violet women! In the Cup quarterfinals, it comes to the top duel with SKN St. Pölten, played after the game of the Young Violets in the 2nd division (6:10 pm) at 8:15 pm - for the first time in the Cup competition in the Generali Arena. Former SKN player Julia Mak in an interview about this special event.


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Julia, the show starts on Friday. How excited are you and your colleagues?

Mak: "Extremely high. We're all really looking forward to the start of competitive matches again. I think every player and the entire coaching team is looking forward to the game and we will all be highly motivated. Personally, of course, I'm even more excited to wear the Austria Wien kit for the first time in a competitive match, can't wait."

Before we look into the future, let's take a brief look at the past preparation. You joined Austria Wien in the winter, how was the preparation for you?

Mak: "Long and very intense, but also very instructive. Through the new coaching team, every player was encouraged to put another percent on it and therefore I'm convinced that we will start top prepared in the Cup game as well as a week later in the championship."

You left Sturm Graz for St. Pölten for the 2021/22 season and will meet your former club on Friday. Does that trigger a special feeling in you?

Mak: "Yes, I would say that it is a very special feeling, I am still in regular contact and exchange with individual players. I also know their qualities very well, of course, and I know what the St. Pölten players can bring to the pitch. At the same time, the motivation is twice as high with me, I want to challenge them until the last second and will give everything that we make it to the next round."

You're talking about the qualities of SKN. How must Austria Wien present themselves on Friday, what do you expect from the game?

Mak: "Everyone is aware that we are not going into this duel as favorites. That's why it will be all the more important for us to go into this game bravely, fighting hard and with full commitment. We must not give the opponent a second to breathe and take on the duels robustly - I believe that can be a good means to success against the St. Pölten women."

The Cup match will take the form of a double-header with the Young Violets at the Generali Arena. How important are such events for you or women's football in general?

Mak: "We all know what a privilege it is to be able to play in such a great stadium, so we will invest everything on that day to ensure that we offer the spectators a really great game. We want to use this opportunity of the big stage to win many new fans and show that Austria Wien also has a really cool women's team!"

©Daniel Shaked