Clear 4-0 victory in the cup against Spittal/Drau

Goals by Marco Djuričin and Eric Martel before the break and Aleksander Jukić and Manfred Fischer after the break ensured Austria Wien’s spot in the second round of the UNIQA ÖFB Cup.


Austria Wien started in the first competitive game, under their new head coach Manfred Schmid, in the usual 4-2-3-1 system. Georg Teigl, Christian Schoissengeyr, Johannes Handl and captain Markus Suttner formed the back four in front of goalkeeper Patrick Pentz. Eric Martel and Vesel Demaku started in defensive midfield. Benedikt Pichler, Dominik Fitz, newcomer Manfred Fischer and Marco Djuričin started in the offensive positions.

Rudolf Schönherr, SV Spittal's coach, relied on a 4-4-2 system and tried to keep the goal clean for a long time and thus create the sensation.

Djuričin and Martel provided the first goals of the new season

Schönherr’s plan only succeeded for about a quarter of an hour, Marco Djuričin scored the lead for the “Violets” in the 16th minute with a shot from a about 20 meters, after Eric Martel's assist. Before that, Manfred Fischer had the first chance of the game after an assist by Djuričin, but his finish was too weak (14’). Another shot by Marco Djuričin was blocked by the Carinthian defense (18’). Spittal/Drau had to change early, Philipp Clementschitsch replaced the injured Florian Pingist (28’).

Benedikt Pichler missed a cross by Markus Suttner by a hair's breadth, Djuričin failed on goalkeeper Aric Haimburger after a cross by Georg Teigl (30’, 33’). For a header by Manfred Fischer, after a corner by Dominik Fitz and a long-range shot by Markus Suttner, the Carinthian goalkeeper was on the spot again (34’, 37’). Pichler was ready to shot but Alexander Killar saved to the corner. Suttner took the corner kick, Eric Martel headed the ball into the goal – 0-2 in the 43rd minute. Vesel Demaku and Benedikt Pichler missed the last chance during the first half. Clearly superior Austria Wien went into the dressing room with a comfortable lead.

Two more goals by Jukić and Fischer

During the break neither team made any changes. Marco Djuričin had to be treated after a tough start from Adnan Hajdarevic, but was able to continue (54’). Little changed - Austria Wien continued to determine the game. In the 59th minute Spittal had their first shot on goal through Alexander Killar, but his shot went way over the goal. On the other side, Manfred Fischer hit the bar after an assist by Dominik Fitz (60’).

Aleksandar Jukić replaced Marco Djuričin, he served Benedikt Pichler ideally with one of his first actions. Austria Wien’s striker was pulled slightly on the jersey and shot over the goal (72’). Haimburger turned a shot by Eric Martel over the bar (74’). After 77 minutes Alexander Grünwald came into the game for Dominik Fitz, a little later Matthias Braunöder and Can Keles replaced Vesel Demaku and Benedikt Pichler. A shot by Jukić missed the goal, Pichler came a step too late after a cross by Suttner (84’, 85’). In the 88th minute, Aleksandar Jukić scored 3-0 after Manfred Fischer's assist, Manfred Fischer scored his first goal with the final whistle. Can Keles made the assist during his professional debut – 0-4.

Austria Wien moved up to the second round of the UNIQA ÖFB Cup without any problems.

SV Sportastic Spittal / Drau - FK Austria Wien 0-4 (0-2)

Spittal / Drau: Haimburger; Keric, Brandner, Hajdarevic, Graf; Killar (78’ Ban), Pingist (28’ Clementschitsch), Ortner, Rainer (78’ Fillafer); Zurga (77’ Begic), Ogradnig

Austria Wien: Pentz; Teigl, Schoissengeyr, Handl, Suttner; Martel, Demaku (86’ Braunöder); Pichler (86’ Keles), Fitz (77’ Grünwald), Fischer; Djuričin (68’ Jukić)

Goals: Djuričin (16’), Martel (43’), Jukić (88’), Fischer (90’)

Yellow card: Fischer (80’)

Goldeckstadion Spittal, referee Christopher Jäger, 1,132 spectators