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Kunina & Co: Four violets called up

While Nadiia Kunina is taking part in the first training camp for the Ukrainian women in six months, Jovana Čavić and Anna Schorn will meet Bosnia and Herzegovina with Vanessa Sabanović, among others, with the Austrian U19 national team in the European Championship qualifiers.


Two days before her 23rd birthday today, Nadiia Kunina learned about her call-up to the Ukrainian national team. "I am always very happy to come to the national team, every call-up is a new challenge and a step towards the best. Playing for your own country is the greatest thing ever, especially for a young player. You’re on the right track if you’re on the list."

After a six-month break, it will be the first meeting for Luis Cortes' team. From April 3 to 9, the Ukrainians will be in Poland before moving on to the Estonian capital Tallinn, where a friendly international match against Estonia is scheduled for April 11.

Violet trio aiming for U19 European Championship

Three games - as part of the European Championship qualification - await the domestic U19 national team under the leadership of ex-Violet Hannes Spilka. For the qualifying tournament in Italy, the team boss has called up two Austrian players, Jovana Čavić and Anna Schorn, and Antea Batarilo is on call.

In addition to the Italians, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina with Vanessa Sabanović are also on board. The three violets will meet right at the start on April 5, with the other matches taking place on April 8 (Austria vs. Greece, Italy vs. Bosnia) and 11 (Italy vs. Austria, Bosnia vs. Greece). Only the top of the group will qualify for the European Championship finals in Belgium this summer.