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Long live Falco!

25 years ago today, on 6 February 1998, Austria's biggest pop star died in a tragic car accident in the Dominican Republic, a few days before his 41st birthday. Falco's hit "Rock Me Amadeus" was the only German-language song to reach the top of the US Billboard charts.

Hans Hölzel, Falco's real name, was a self-confessed Austria fan. During one of his many visits to the then Horr Stadium, the legendary quote "I bin a oida Austrianer!" ("I am a long-time Austria fan!") was spoken.

Falco's music lives on to this day and is constantly being rediscovered by younger generations - also at Austria Wien! Larissa Haidner and captain Romina Bell as well as Marvin Martins, Manuel Polster and Georg Teigl try their hand at well-known and lesser-known numbers by the Falcon and pay tribute to the world star from Vienna.

You can still discover Falco's greatest hits on our Veilchen playlist:

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