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Austria commemorates the victims of the November pogroms.

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The year 1938 - on the one hand, it stands for the deliberate and systematic beginning of the end of very many human destinies. And on the other hand, it almost meant the end of Austria Wien, whose eight-member board had consisted entirely of people of the Jewish faith until the Anschluss, before they were expelled, imprisoned or murdered. The same fate also befell numerous supporters of the Violets.

Board member Gerhard Krisch: "As a soccer club, we have a role model function and want to take a clear stance against discrimination of any kind. Tolerance, equality and respect for people are values that we want to share with society. It's important to keep actively remembering and thinking about what we can learn from history."

Sporting Director Manuel Ortlechner: "As Austria, we see it as our responsibility to deal with history in general and, in this particular case, with the history of the club. We are a club that stands for openness to the world. We want to be an open house for everyone, regardless of religion or origin. With regard to the November pogroms, it is important to point out what atrocities happened here in Austria during the National Socialist era."