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Austria Wien commemorates the victims of the November pogroms that took place on the night of November 9-10, 1938.

The year 1938 marks the beginning of the systematic oppression and extermination of numerous Jews. The November pogroms, which this year mark the 85th anniversary, claimed hundreds of lives and resulted in the destruction of numerous Jewish institutions.

They also almost meant the end of Austria Wien, whose eight-member board of directors had consisted entirely of people of Jewish faith until the Anschluss, before they were expelled, imprisoned or murdered. The same fate also befell numerous supporters of the Violets.

CEO Harald Zagiczek: "Not least because of our history, we as Austria Wien have a great role model function and will always take a clear stand against anti-semitism and discrimination of any kind. We stand for open-mindedness, tolerance and respect for all people. It is important not to forget what happened here in Austria during the years of Nazism. Today, we especially remember the victims of the November pogroms that took place 85 years ago."