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Wimmer carefree: 'No matter where and against whom'

Patrick Wimmer played in the fourth league until eight months ago, in December the 18-year-old played for Austria Wien for the first time, now he shows his potential in the preparation of the A-team. The versatile U19 team player recommended himself through the Young Violets, knows no nervousness and learned his consistency & assertiveness not least in the forest.

His first minutes for the A-team in the final phase of a heated away derby at 2-2, for the first time in the Austria Wien starting eleven at home against WAC. Nervousness? Not a trace. ‘I've never been nervous before or during a game - no matter where and against whom we play, we can beat anyone. Apart from the tactical analysis, I don't deal with the opponent or individual players either,’ explains Wimmer, who describes his rapid rise from the Lower Austrian State League to Austria Wien from his point of view:

‘In the beginning I didn't quite realize it myself, everything happened very quickly. Above all, the home game against WAC, in which I played at home right from the start and performed well, was something very special for me.’ He still remembers the applause he received for dribbling:

‘I remember the situation exactly, I immediately realized it on the pitch, it was an amazing feeling and it pushed me even more, because I knew that the violet fans stood behind me and appreciated my performance.’

While Wimmer was one of the regulars in the 2nd league with the Young Violets in autumn, the 18-year-old is now completing all of the winter preparation under Christian Ilzer. ‘It is even more intense with the A-team, I can already see that there is a big difference. But I quickly found my way around, get on well with everyone and can keep up with the pace quite well.’

In the 2-0 test game win at the end of the training camp against Michalovce in Belek, Wimmer offered a very noticeable performance on the left wing and received praise from the head coach. ‘The match was good and very intense. Overall, I really liked the preparation, I did get tired now and then, but I feel very good. I think I was able to keep up with the other guys,’ said the U19 team player.

Patrick Wimmer can be used very variably, during preparation he played in Christian Ilzer’s 4-2-3-1 system on the left wing. For the Young Violets he was also on the right offensive side, in the central midfield, up front as striker and in the back on the right side, in the U19 national team he is on the left-back position.

‘I think I can help the team with my pace, especially on the wing - offensive or as a full-back. I have also played as striker with the Young Violets, I liked that too,’ explains Wimmer, who wants to take the next step in the spring:

‘I want to stay in the A-team, always train, be in the squad on match day and collect as many minutes of action as possible. I would like to participate in making the leap into the championship group or while qualifying for the Europa League through the qualification group.’

Patrick Wimmer has his roots on a farm, and today the 18-year-old prefers to spend his free time in nature, among other things with his dogs: ‘I used to spend a lot of time in the forest and worked hard there - it trains the whole body. I think that already helps me when it comes to tackling strength and ultimately also helped me to keep up my pace.’

With his move to Austria Wien, he promptly made the leap into the U19 national team in the summer of 2019, where he already played eight times and together with Niels Hahn & Co insured the entry into the elite round against Ireland on November 19th:

‘It's really cool to measure yourself against peers from all over the world. I'm looking forward to the games against top nations like Germany. Of course, the national team is a goal for every player.’