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Austria enters Cup round of 16

Austria Wien beat USV St. Anna am Aigen 4-0 in the second round of the UNIQA ÖFB Cup without any major problems. Andreas Gruber, Manfred Fischer, Dominik Fitz and Reinhold Ranftl scored the goals for Violet.

Michael Wimmer mixed up his team in the second cup round: Mirko Kos, Matan Baltaxa, Silva, Marvin Potzmann, Manuel Polster as well as Muharem Husković moved into the starting lineup against the regional league team.

Andi Gruber headed the Violets into the lead

Both teams had to change early on. USV St. Anna am Aigen had to substitute their captain Thomas List due to injury, while Austria had Aleksandar Jukić come on after 10 minutes for James Holland, who had to come off with muscular problems. It was Jukić who took the first dangerous shot. However, the ball went past the goal (14th). A shot by Dominik Fitz also missed (17th). Husković appeared alone in front of goalkeeper Tahir Bilalic, but he remained the winner in the duel (18th). Silva had a chance to tap in after a Husković shot, but missed his target (19th) - the Veilchen created chances every minute.

After Fitz failed twice to Bilalic (24th, 28th) it was in the 31rd minute then so far - Andreas Gruber brought the Austria after cross from Fitz by head 1-0 in the lead. St. Anna had a promising free kick in the 42nd minute, but Christoph Kobald shot over Mirko Kos' goal. The team went into the break with a narrow 1-0 lead.

Fischer, Fitz and Ranftl added to the lead

For the second half Reinhold Ranftl came for Silva, who introduced himself immediately with a shot over the goal (48th). Fitz also shot over the goal and a Husković shot was cleared on the line by Alexander Thurner-Seebacher (51st). A few seconds later Andi Gruber hit the bar. On the other side, Mirko Kos had to stretch hard for a rich shot from the Styrians (56th).

After an hour, Manfred Fischer and Fisnik Asllani replaced Matthias Braunöder and Muharem Husković. Gruber missed another top chance for the Violets (62nd), before Manfred Fischer scored the decisive 2-0 with a placed shot from the turn in the 65th minute.

For Andreas Gruber it was then over, Hakim Guenouche replaced the permanent runner. Dominik Fitz made it 3-0 with a beautiful shot into the corner of the cross (75th), Reinhold Ranftl put the final point in the last minute with the 4-0. Austria beat St. Anna am Aigen in a commanding fashion and is through to the last 16 of the UNIQA ÖFB Cup.

USV St. Anna am Aigen - Austria Wien 0-4 (0-1)

St. Anna: Bilalic; Petric, List (10th Klöckl), Thurner-Seebacher; Kobald, Weber (76th Hajdarevic), Maučec, Lackner (76th Ploj), Muhr, Weiler (66th Maric); Kiedl (76th Kuresch)

Austria: Kos; Holland (11th Jukić), Galvão, Baltaxa; Silva (46th Ranftl), Braunöder (58th Fischer), Fitz, Potzmann; Gruber (67th Guenouche), Husković (58th Asslani), Polster

Goals: Gruber (31st), Fischer (65th), Fitz (75th), Ranftl (90th)

Yellow card: Weber (73rd)

Stahlbau Müller Arena St. Anna am Aigen, referee Emil Ristoskov, 500 spectators