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Austria Wien and eBIODY to start cooperation

Austria Wien and the French company eBIODY are taking off together in the new year 2022. With its bio-impedance analysis (BIA) technology, eBIODY will provide the violet coaching team with even more detailed data and analysis on the body composition of the players in the future.

"I am very excited about the partnership with eBIODY. We can use the BIA to create even more comprehensive analyses and subsequently optimize the performance of the players," said Christian Puchinger, Head of Sports Science at Austria Wien.

Bioimpedance analysis is used to determine body composition. The measuring device passes low-intensity alternating current through the body and, thanks to special algorithms, records data such as muscle build-up, hydration or even body fat percentage.


"It's a very exciting phase, I hope for a lively exchange with eBIODY and that not only we benefit from this cooperation, but also eBIODY itself, which gets the platform in elite sports with us. It should be a win-win situation," says Puchinger, looking optimistically into the new year.

Marc Schneider, Area Manager at eBIODY: "eBIODY already supplies the innovative and medically certified BIA body composition monitor to over 21 countries. With the concept solution in football, Austria Wien is the first Austrian Bundesliga team to use the Biody Coach measuring device in sports and nutrition. Together with Christian Puchinger I am allowed to supervise the pilot concept with my team and I am looking forward to the cooperation."