One round further - win in Banja Luka!

Banja Luka took the lead shortly after the break with a goal from Jose Cortes, but the Violets were able to turn the game around with great goals from Andreas Gruber and Manuel Polster. The Violets deservedly beat the Bosnians with a total score of 3-1.


Coach Michael Wimmer made some changes compared to the game against Sturm Graz: Matteo Meisl started in central defense instead of Marvin Martins. On offense, Manuel Polster, Aleksandar Jukić and Andreas Gruber started in place of Marvin Potzmann, Matthias Braunöder and Haris Tabaković, who transferred to Hertha Berlin. Gruber and Manfred Fischer formed the forward duo, with Dominik Fitz operating behind them.

Banja Luka coach Vinko Marinović made only one change from the first leg, with Milan Makarić starting as a solo striker in place of Jovo Lukić.

No goals in the first half

The first chance of the match came for the hosts: Max Čelić got on the end of a header from a free kick, Christian Früchtl was able to make an early save (4th). After the initial Bosnian offensive was well survived, Dominik Fitz had a long-range opportunity. Nikola Ćetković in the goal of the home team parried the ball (15th). Fischer and Fitz changed positions after a quarter of an hour, Austria remained very variable in their offensive play.

Reinhold Ranftl had to leave the pitch injured after a collision and Marvin Potzmann came on for him. Ćetković had more problems with another shot from Fitz, the Bosnian goalkeeper made a great save from the playmaker's third opportunity, and Aleksandar Jukić failed with a follow-up shot (39th, 40th). On the other side, Zoran Kvržić slammed the ball against the crossbar (41st), a free kick by Fitz in the 45th minute went over the goal. In stoppage time, Gruber tried to surprise Ćetković with a heel shot - unfortunately unsuccessfully. The match went into the half-time break goalless.

Banja Luka took the lead, Austria turned the game around

The second half started in the worst possible way, Jose Cortes gave Borac Banja Luka the lead with a header in the 49th minute. But Austria struck back immediately, Andreas Gruber scored after a great combination via James Holland, Dominik Fitz and Manfred Fischer for a quick - extremely important - equalizer (53rd).

Stojan Vranjes, who had been substituted shortly before, had a good opportunity after a quick counter-attack, but shot far over the goal (61st). Shortly after, the violets struck again! Fitz shifted the play well, Gruber cleverly passed to Polster. The 20-year-old left Zoran Kvržić out of the way and slammed the ball into the corner with his left hand - 2-1 for Austria in the 65th minute.

Früchtl thwarted a chance from Enver Kulašin, after a corner from Fitz James Holland came to a good header opportunity (72nd, 74th). Michael Wimmer then brought on three fresh players: Matthias Braunöder, Tin Plavotić and Hakim Guenouche. Jukić, Fischer and Lucas Galvão had a rest. Muharem Husković replaced Andreas Gruber shortly before the end. The Violette defense had the Bosnians well under control, after 97 minutes it was over. Austria advances to the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Europa Conference League.

Borac Banja Luka - Austria Wien 1:2 (0:0)

Borac: Ćetković; Kvržić, Čelić, Šušić (73rd Pejović), Herera; Barsky, Predragović (79th Lukić); Cortes, Blagaić (57th Terzić), Mihajlović (57th Kulašin); Makarić (57th Vranjes)

Austria: Früchtl; Handl, Galvão (76th Plavotić), Meisl; Ranftl (30th Potzmann), Holland, Polster; Jukić (76th Braunöder), Fitz; Fischer (76th Guenouche), Gruber (85th Husković)

Goals: Cortes (49th); Gruber (53rd), Polster (65th)

Yellow cards: Cortes (34th), Vranjes (79th), Pejović (90th +5); Fischer (9th), Holland (51st), Potzmann (62nd), Polster (90th +5), Husković (90th +5)

Gradski Stadion Banja Luka, referee Urs Schnyder (Switzerland)