Valuable artifacts and trophies

Austria Wien would like to make its history, accompanied by many successes, accessible to all fans and soccer enthusiasts. With the opening of the Austria Museum on May 11, 2009, we were able to take this step as the first soccer club in Austria.

The museum project, whose exhibition exhibits are meticulously maintained by Board of Trustees member Gerhard Kaltenbeck as well as Austria archivist Dr. Erich Krenslehner, is directly connected to the fan store. On an area of more than 170 m², many interesting artifacts and trophies are displayed, as well as the great tradition of our club. In addition, the visitor is provided with a fascinating overview of our eventful history, of which we can be justifiably proud.

The club's history is lovingly told in decades on display boards, and Austria's "family silver" is also clearly visible in several showcases. Many of the showpieces were donated by ex-players and loyal fans from their private collections, as quite a few memorabilia have disappeared over the years or fallen victim to the world wars and relocations of the Austria secretariats.

Hugo Meisl and the cabin through the ages

Adjacent to the museum room is the Hugo Meisl memorial room. In it, the original furniture from Hugo Meisl's Karl Marx apartment, which he lived in with his family in the 1930s, is on display. Many exhibits from the Wunderteam era as well as the life of Hugo Meisl in the form of a tree of life with information panels tell of the great work of the Austrian soccer expert.

The tour continues with the dressing room room in the Austria Museum, where three generations of dressing rooms are presented. From the 1930s, it goes through the 70s and 80s to the present. In addition, there is a showcase with guest gifts from European Cup opponents, as well as a large screen that is digitally played with interesting facts from the past.


Tickets für das Austria-Museum

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday

10:00 - 18:00



8 Euro


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Price scales

Adults: persons from the 19th birthday

Reduced: women, students up to 27th birthday, pensioners, young people (15 to 19 years), military personnel

Children: 6 to 15 years