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1-0 against Altach – Austria Wien is in the playoff final

A goal by Patrick Wimmer in the 27th minute decided the semi-final for the remaining European Cup ticket. The first round of the playoff final against TSV Hartberg in the Generali-Arena will be on Saturday 5pm.

Austria Wien under coach Christian Ilzer started with a line-up similar to the one during the away win in Altach, only Maximilian Sax and Patrick Wimmer started instead of Vesel Demaku and Benedikt Pichler.

Altach came to the Generali-Arena with a loss in St. Pölten. Emir Karic, Berkay Dabanli, Jan Zwischenbrugger, Johannes Tartarotti and Daniel Nussbaumer returned to the starting eleven.

Patrick Wimmer scores his first goal

With a counterattack over Manprit Sarkaria, the game started quickly, but Patrick Wimmer's finish went significantly wrong (2’). Altach had the first big chance in the third minute through Daniel Nussbaumer - the specialist for early goals, Patrick Pentz remained the winner in the one-on-one duel. A free kick from Sydney Sam and a volley from Christoph Monschein missed the goal (13’, 16’). Sarkaria put Martin Kobras to the test for the first time in the 18th minute, little effort for Altach’s goalkeeper. Erik Palmer-Brown tried a header after a free kick by Sarkaria but missed the goal (22’).

Shortly after, Austria Wien scored the important goal - Patrick Wimmer took over a wide pass from Sarkaria, but failed on Kobras. Christoph Monschein got the follow-up shot, his sharp cross was utilized by Wimmer with a header - 1-0, the 19-year-old's first Bundesliga goal (27’). Another finish by Wimmer, who was very flashy, went past the goal (42’).

A header from Sam, during injury time, went over the goal, with the good interim result the halftime break started.

The “Violets” held their lead

Sidney Sam also had the first chance of the second half, his curler missed Patrick Pentz's goal (54’). Penalty kick alarm after 55 minutes: after a shot from Maximilian Sax the ball jumped into the hand of one of Altach’s defender, referee Sebastian Gishamer let the game go on. Then it was Sam's turn again, luckily the German only hit the crossbar (60’).

Ilzer made his first changes in the 65th minute, with James Jeggo and Vesel Demaku for Alexander Grünwald and Max Sax, the midfield received fresh strength. Benedikt Pichler came into the game for Patrick Wimmer shortly after. A few seconds after his substitution, Pichler made an ideal cross on Christoph Monschein, who did not hit the ball well enough (70’). Monschein had another chance, his finish after assist by Sarkaria narrowly missed (73’). Pichler failed on Kobras, the follow-up shot went over the goal (79’), Sarkaria had a big chance with the counterattack (83’). Jimmy Jeggo missed as well (85’), Austria Wien was almost negligent about their chances.

Nonetheless, the guests from Vorarlberg no longer had any noteworthy chances. The “Violets” prevailed with a narrow but ultimately deserved 1-0 win.

FK Austria Wien – CASHPOINT SCR Altach 1-0 (1-0)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Klein, Madl, Palmer-Brown, Zwierschitz; Ebner, Grünwald (65’ Jeggo); Sarkaria, Sax (65’ Demaku), Wimmer (70’ Pichler); Monschein (90’+2’ Edomwonyi)

Altach: Kobras; Thurnwald, Dabanli (83’ Netzer), Schmiedl, Karic; Oum Guet, Zwischenbrugger, Tartarotti; Sam, Nussbaumer, Schreiner (61’ Meilinger)

Goal: Wimmer (27’)

Yellow cards: Tartarotti (15’), Schmiedl (29’), Nussbaumer (56’), Sam (90’+4’); Ebner (90’+4’)

Generali-Arena, referee Sebastian Gishamer, no spectators allowed