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2-3 defeat against WAC in the last second

Alon Turgeman scored the lead for Austria Wien in the very first minute. WAC turned the game with goals by Dejan Joveljic and Eliel Peretz. Christoph Monschein managed to equalize before Michael Liendl scored the 3-2 with the final whistle.

Dominik Fitz was suspended, Alexander Grünwald returned to the starting line-up. In the attack, Peter Stöger relied on Alon Turgeman and Christoph Monschein. In the defensive, the team remained unchanged.

Wolfsberg celebrated the greatest success in the club's history with the promotion in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday. Coach Ferdinand Feldhofer changed his starting formation on one position, Stefan Peric started in the back four instead of the suspended Luka Lochoshvili.

Alon Turgeman with the early lead, WAC was able to equalize

The game couldn't have started better for Austria Wien, the ball was in the opposing goal after just 52 seconds. Alon Turgeman scored the 0-1 with a header, during his comeback in the starting line-up, after a cross from Markus Suttner.

WAC got into the game slowly, in the 16th minute Michael Liendl was dangerous a free kick, but he missed. Shortly after, the home team equalized. Dejan Joveljic - the goal scorer against Feyenoord Rotterdam - scored after a cross from Michael Novak - 1-1 (17’).

The Carinthians remained strong, a shot by Mario Leitgeb was saved by Patrick Pentz (20’). Our goalkeeper - “Sky’s” player of the month November – made the save against Joveljic, who had a rather coincidental chance (23’). A volley by Liendl missed the goal (24’). After a nice pass from Johannes Handl, Benedikt Pichler prevailed against Peric, but failed on Alexander Kofler (27’). In the 39th minute, Kofler prevented another chance from Pichler, which this time was prepared by Georg Teigl (39’). WAC had more of the game, but the “Violets” had better chances - with the 1-1 the break started.

Liendl decided the game at the last second

Christoph Monschein had the first chance after the break, but his header, after assist by Pichler, was too weak (48’). Patrick Pentz parried a deflected shot by Michael Liendl (56’). Dario Vizinger came to a finish shortly before his exchange, but shot over the goal (62’).

Patrick Wimmer replaced Turgeman, and was able to put himself in the spotlight after a counterattack, but his finish was prevented (68’). In return, WAC took the lead, substitute Israeli Eliel Peretz scored the 2-1 (69’) after assist by Michael Liendl. Shortly after, Christoph Monschein scored with a penalty kick - 2-2 in the 71st minute.

Max Sax came in for Aleksandar Jukić ten minutes before the end. Patrick Wimmer prevailed on the right side, serving Christoph Monschein ideally, his shot went just wide (80’). On the other side, Mario Leitgeb slammed the ball against the crossbar (81’). In the very last second, referee Rene Eisner pointed to the penalty spot again, this time in favor of the Carinthians. It was Patrick Pentz's turn, but he couldn't prevent Michael Liendl from scoring. Austria Wien had to admit defeat against WAC.

RZ Pellets WAC - FK Austria Wien 3-2 (1-1)

WAC: Kofler; Novak, Baumgartner, Peric (46’ Rnic), Scherzer; Leitgeb; Taferner (62’ Wernitznig), Sprangler; Liendl; Vizinger (62’ Peretz), Joveljic (79’ Dieng)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Teigl, Handl, Palmer-Brown, Suttner; Pichler, Zwierschitz, Grünwald, Jukić (79’ Sax); Monschein (90’+1’ Schösswendter), Turgeman (65’ Wimmer)

Goals: Joveljic (17’), Peretz (69’), Liendl (90’+3’, penalty); Turgeman (1’), Monschein (71’, penalty)

Yellow cards: Peric (12’), Sprangler (47’), Joveljic (66’)

Lavanttal-Arena, referee Rene Eisner, no spectators due to COVID-19 regulation