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Edomwonyi: Courageous & self-confident

Bright Edomwonyi scored five goals in four friendly games and was involved in many dangerous offensive actions in the last match against SK Dnipro: ‘I hope that we can show this courage from the preparation in the championship. It is important to have the confidence that everything is possible for us and that we can win every game,’ emphasizes the 25-year-old.

In the fall season, Edomwonyi often sat on the substitute bench and only played for a while, was substituted in twelve times: ‘It's not easy - every player wants to play. If I don't get the chance in the match, I have to work a lot during the trainings, keep my focus, stay calm, know what I can do and have in mind that everything is possible in football,’ says the striker.

During the preparation, the Nigerian is working hard on himself and his game and wants to recommend himself for the starting eleven with good trainings and test performances: ‘I am here to play football. It's always important for a striker to score goals. I do my best every day and I want to help the team play well during spring’.

The striker is impressed by new signing Andreas Poulsen, who prepared Edomwonyi's 1-0 against SK Dnipro in the test game: ‘He is a really good player. He knows how the strikers move in the center and crosses at the right moment. It is good for strikers like Monschein or me if the left-back can prepare goals.’

Off the pitch, Edomwonyi spends a lot of time in Vienna with his daughter and likes to play table tennis. During the winter break, he visited his friend and compatriot Larry Kayode at his housewarming party in Nigeria:

‘We have known each other for a long time and meet regularly on vacation. Larry is doing very well, he is happy now because he plays and scores regularly in Turkey,’ says Edomwonyi.