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Austria celebrates a victory in St. Pölten

SKN St. Pölten took the lead with a goal by Taylor Booth, but an own goal by Alexander Schmidt and a penalty by Marco Djuricin turned the game around in favor of the "Violets".

Peter Stöger had to do without defenders Christoph Schösswendter, Erik Palmer-Brown and Markus Suttner. The back four against SKN St. Pölten was formed by Thomas Ebner, Michael Madl, Johannes Handl and Andreas Poulsen. Eric Martel returned after his yellow card suspension and started alongside Vesel Demaku in defensive midfield. Instead of the suspended Georg Teigl, Patrick Wimmer started on the right wing, Manprit Sarkaria and Dominik Fitz started in the offensive behind Marco Djuricin.

SKN's new coach Georg Zellhofer started with a 0-1 defeat in Altach, Brandon Servania and Taylor Booth replaced Michael Blauensteiner and Robert Ljubicic.

Busy first half

After a cross by George Davies, Alexander Schmidt had a chance for the hosts in the first minute, but his volley from close range went over the goal. Patrick Wimmer put the ball just next to the goal after a corner by Dominik Fitz (5'). Marco Djuricin appeared in front of goalkeeper Christoph Riegler after a pass by Manprit Sarkaria, but his lob missed (9'). In the 15th minute, Djuricin returned the favor with an assist for Sarkaria, but his finish also missed the goal. Shortly afterwards, Eric Martel shot over the goal from the edge of the penalty area (16'), Riegler prevented Djuricin from passing a cross to Fitz (19'). Austria Wien was the clear game-determining team in the NV Arena.

Nevertheless, the Lower Austrians managed to take the lead: Manuel Maranda played a long pass to Taylor Booth, the American gave Patrick Pentz no chance and scored the 1-0 (29'). But an own goal by Alexander Schmidt after a corner from Manprit Sarkaria restored the tie just a few seconds later – 1-1 (30').

Riegler was able to fend off a shot by Marco Djuricin, Dominik Fitz hot the pole with the follow-up shot (33'). After a nice exchange pass by Dominik Fitz, Manni Sarkaria had another great chance, but failed om St. Pölten's goalkeeper (40'). A very entertaining first half ended 1-1.

Djuricin scored with a penalty kick

SKN started the second half strong, Dor Hugi hit the bar, Taylor Booth missed (49'). Patrick Pentz saved a shot by George Davies, Booth missed a cross by Hugi by a hair's breadth (50', 52'). But this time Austria Wien took the lead rather unexpectedly: Peter Pokorny fell on the ball after a back-heel flick by Marco Djuricin, referee Felix Ouschan pointed to the penalty spot. Djuricin scored, Austria Wien turned the game (64').

Pokorny had a chance to equalize shortly afterwards, but his header missed (68'). On the other side, Riegler and Steinwender cleared a header by Michael Madl. After the following corner kick, Madl had a chance, but shot well over the goal (71'). The defender was replaced shortly afterwards by Stephan Zwierschitz. The latter had a chance to score the 3-1 a few seconds into his game, his header missed from a difficult position (75'). Eric Martel shot from great distance - no problem for Riegler (82').

For the final phase, Christoph Monschein took Andreas Poulsen's place, Patrick Wimmer moved back in the line-up. Agim Zeka replaced Dominik Fitz. Johannes Handl had a header chance after a free kick by Fitz (87th), but SKN had no chance. Austria Wien deservedly took three points from St. Pölten.

spusu SKN St. Pölten - FK Austria Wien 1-2 (1-1)

St. Pölten: Riegler; Servania (83' Halper), Maranda, Steinwender, Schulz; Pokorny, Booth (72' Schütz), Luxbacher (62' Ljubicic); Davies, Schmidt (72' Tetteh), Hugi

Austria Wien: Pentz; Ebner, Madl (75' Zwierschtiz), Handl, Poulsen (65' Monschein); Demaku, Martel; Wimmer, Sarkaria, Fitz (90'+1' Zeka); Djuricin

Goals: Booth (29'); Schmidt (30', own goal), Djuricin (65', penalty)

Yellow cards: Djuricin (35'), Wimmer (42'), Madl (56')

NV Arena, referee Felix Ouschan, no spectators due to the COVID-19 regulation