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Victory in the away game against Ried

Benedikt Pichler brought Austria Wien into the lead in the fourth minute. Eric Martel saw his second yellow card after 51 minutes, with one man less the “Violets” fought for three very important points against SV Ried and started the year 2021 successfully.

Peter Stöger sent his team onto the field in a 4-4-2 system, in the first competitive game of the year. Stephan Zwierschitz played his 200th game in the tipico Bundesliga, starting on the right in the back four. Christoph Schösswendter, Erik Palmer-Brown and captain Markus Suttner completed the defensive line in front of goalkeeper Patrick Pentz. In the midfield, newcomer Eric Martel made his debut. Thomas Ebner started next to him. Aleksandar Jukić, Manprit Sarkaria, Benedikt Pichler and Dominik Fitz were responsible for the offensive. In the same line-up, they managed an 8-0 win against Horn in the last friendly game.

For SV Ried, Miron Muslic replaced Gerald Baumgartner as head coach. One player, Patrick Möschl, returned to Ried during the winter, but was not in the squad yet.

Great start!

The game could not have started any better, Benedikt Pichler scored the lead in the fourth minute. Via Stephan Zwierschitz and Dominik Fitz, the ball came to Manprit Sarkaria, whose cross was headed into the goal by Pichler - our striker's fourth goal of the season. Austria Wien was very present, won over 60% of the duels in the early stages and always put Ried under pressure. After a free kick by Aleksandar Jukić, Eric Martel came to a volley, the newcomer hit the side netting (25’). Martel saw a yellow card after half an hour, which would have consequences later. Jukić tried a long-range shot a little later, but it clearly missed the goal (31’). Benedikt Pichler captured the ball against Kennedy Boateng on the line, his pass to Jukić did not get through, Dominik Fitz's follow-up shot was blocked by the Rieder back team (37’).

After a counterattack in the 40th minute, Ried had a chance through Ante Bajic, Patrick Pentz made the save. The pole prevented an own goal by Erik Palmer-Brown during stoppage time. With a bit of luck, Austria Wien went into the half-time break with a lead.

Successful fight until the last second

The second half started less pleasant than the first, Eric Martel saw his second yellow card after a collision with Boateng (51’). Peter Stöger - who saw a yellow card for criticism - brought Georg Teigl instead of Manprit Sarkaria. Jukić brought a free kick straight on to the goal, goalkeeper Samuel Sahin-Radlinger was able to fist the ball away (62’). Patrick Pentz was there to save a finish by Bajic, and after the corner kick, Reifeltshammer put a header next to the goal (73’).

Christoph Monschein came in for Aleksander Jukić in the 74th minute, but injured himself after a few minutes without outside interference and was replaced by Johannes Handl. Patrick Wimmer came for Dominik Fitz. Austria Wien fought the equalizer with one man down, Patrick Wimmer missed a counter attack during the 7-minute stoppage time. Constantin Reiner had the hosts' last chance but headed over the goal after a corner kick.

Austria Wien won 1-0 outnumbered and overtook the Upper Austrians in the table.

SV Guntamatic Ried - FK Austria Wien 0-1 (0-1)

Ried: Sahin-Radlinger; Kerhe (79’ Reiner), Reifeltshammer, Boateng, Lercher; Ziegl, Offenbacher (79’ Lackner); Bajic, Wießmeier (60’ Nutz), Grüll; Gschweidl (69’ Canadi)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Zwierschitz, Schösswendter, Palmer-Brown, Suttner; Jukić (74’ Monschein, 79’ Handl), Ebner, Martel, Sarkaria (57’ Teigl); Pichler, Fitz (79’ Wimmer)

Goal: Pichler (4')

Yellow cards: Reiner (83’); Martel (29’)

Yellow-red card: Martel (51’)

josko ARENA, referee Christopher Jäger, no spectators due to the COVID-19 regulation