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Fitz scores in the test game against Hartberg

The ‘preparatory game’ between Austria Wien and TSV Hartberg ended with a 1-0 victory for the “Violets”.

It was the successful test of a ghost game - both on and off the court. Austria Wien welcomed TSV Hartberg in the Generali-Arena on Wednesday afternoon.

Even before the game, it was clear that the regenerative break was good for our lawn, which presented itself in lush green - and seems equally well prepared for several English weeks.

Our team challenged the sixth in the league - both teams had chances were during the first halftime. The biggest chance had Christoph Monschein, who had two great finishes at the beginning and towards the end of round one, but failed.

Dominik Fitz was more efficient, scoring a free kick into the corner - 1-0 (46’).

At the beginning of the second halftime and after numerous changes for Austria Win, Bright Edomwonyi also had two good chances - but without success.

In general, Austria Wien seemed lively and prevented the guests from building up their game early – the only opportunities worked out were not always played finished well.

Hartberg came close to a goal in the final phase with a free kick from an acute angle, but Rep only hit the crossbar. In the end it remained 1-0 for the “Violets” - unfortunately in front empty ranks.

Austria Wien - Hartberg 1-0 (1-0)

Austria Wien: Pentz (73’ Kos); Klein (46’ Zwierschitz), Palmer-Brown (46’ Jeggo), Madl (7’. Handl), Poulsen (46’ Martschinko), Borkovic (73’ Jarjue), Grünwald (46’ Demaku), Sax (46’ Pichler), Fitz (66’ Mester), Sarkaria (46’ Wimmer), Monschein (46’ Edomwonyi).

Goal: Fitz (46’)