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Happy Birthday, Falco!

"I bin a oida Austrianer", is a famous quote of the music legend Falco, emphasizing his support for the football club Austria Wien during a home game against Salzburg in April 1992. On Wednesday February 19th Falco would have celebrated his 63rd birthday. We pay homage to the ‚Falken‘ in re-enacting four of his most famous CD-covers with our players, who choose their favourite Falco-song.

Commemorating Falco’s birthday we prepared some specials around the home game against Red Bull Salzburg (Sunday, 5 p.m.).

In the run-up to the game we will play more Falco-songs than usual. Vote on our website (in the right column), which songs you want to hear on Sunday in the Generali-Arena.

Our players Alex Grünwald, Ivan Lucic, Benni Pichler and Mani Sarkaria re-enacted the CD-covers "Junge Römer", "Out Of The Dark", "Falco 60" and "Der Kommissar" – check them out and visit our social media channels on instagram, facebook and twitter.

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Falco: "I bin a oida Austrianer"