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Interview with Erik Palmer-Brown

Erik Palmer-Brown, on loan from Manchester City, talks about the current situation, the Facetime calls with his teammate Jimmy Jeggo and his family and friends in the US. „Best piece of advice is to stay home and communicate with your loved ones“, says the 22-year old defender.

How are you dealing with the current situation?

Erik Palmer-Brown: Dealing with the situation as best as we can. Obviously it’s a different situation than any of us have been in. Just doing my best to stay healthy mentally and physically.

You live in the sixth district of Vienna, near Mariahilferstraße. Where do you do your workouts?

Yeah i live in the 7th district. Just do my workouts at home or running outside at a park near mine.

You often talk to Jimmy Jeggo via Facetime. What are you talking about for example?

We talk about how crazy this situation is and his daughter, also been doing some quizzes lately to try to test his smarts.

You obviously have friends and family in the US. Have you talked with them about the Coronavirus. What do they tell you about the situation in the US?

Yeah family and friends are all in the US. We pretty much talk about just how crazy it is and how much it affects our daily lives, but also how important it is to stay home and stay safe.

Do you know how the MLS teams & players are coping with the situation?

I think they are coping the same as everyone else. Just a bee situation for all of us and doing our best to stay healthy and as fit as possible.

One of your hobbys is playing the guitar – is that something you can do more often now because you have more time? Are you working on learning new songs at the moment?

Yeah i have a lot of spare time so playing guitar, video games, card games, and watching movies I’ve been able to do more of.

What are other things you do at home? Reading, watching Netflix, playing PlayStation?

Yep a lot of PlayStation and Netflix now.

What are your suggestions for other people to do to cope with this situation?

I’m no health expert all i can do is read up on stuff and do my part. Best piece of advice is to stay home and communicate with your loved ones.