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Klein uses the time for family & sports

As a family man, Florian Klein also has a clearly structured daily routine during the corona-related home office. In addition to his extensive home program, which Austria Wien sends him via SAP, the 33-year-old supports his children with school tasks, does workout sessions with the whole family and still finds time for some things that he wanted to do for some time.

‘Health is now a priority for everyone. My tip is that this time should be used in the best possible way. It is important to try to get something positive out of the situation,’ says Florian Klein, who of course, adheres exactly to the federal government's guidelines in order to slow the spread of the corona virus. Him and his family spend most of their time indoors and in the garden.

Once a day, the “Violet” sets off on his own for a run to complete his individual home program, which he receives digitally from the trainer team. ‘It is important that we are ready at any time to quickly return to the training and that our physical condition is almost as it was before. Nutrition is also part of this for a professional athlete: fresh food and a balanced diet is very important,’ emphasizes the 33-year-old.

A day in the life of the Klein family

The day of the Klein family usually starts very early in the morning, because there is a lot to do: after the family breakfast and lunch, the kids have school sessions. The older son is already in high school, the younger started elementary school, both receive extensive tasks via email:

‘I then help our older son with his studies, my wife helps our younger one. We don't have a very strict plan, but we are regulating it,’ says Klein, who also believes in an athletic balance for his children. Joint workouts like the one that the “Violet” provided us in a video (see below) are regularly carried out during the current situation. ‘This is really good for the children. Otherwise we mainly do this on vacation - during the season we barely have time for it.’

Not only the children are happy - also the garage & the garden are getting extra attention

The 45-time national team player also used the time at home to get his house in shape: ‘I finally managed to clean my garage, and my wardrobe is also properly organized again. When the weather was nice last week, we were able to do a lot in the garden,’ says Florian Klein, who otherwise reads a lot and recommends his favourite book, 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.

Florian Klein is already preparing for his future. Some time ago, together with his teammates Alex Grünwald and Michael Madl, he started theoretical coaching sessions. He does not yet have specific goals for a possible second career, ‘I feel fit and want to play football for as long as possible, so I concentrate fully on my tasks as a player. During the first coaching course I noticed that a trainer's approach is very different and it is very interesting to get an insight into the trainer's life.’