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Kraetschmer, ‘We want to provide clarity asap’

Austria Wien’s CEO Markus Kraetschmer gave his view on the coming days and weeks on Viola TV, right after the Bundesliga club conference. In detail it is still unclear when and how things will keep moving forward. Only ghost games are set.

Now it is crucial ‘that we get the regulation of the federal government’, only then can we make decisions. Training the A-team in small groups would then be possible on Tuesday or Wednesday. This only concerns the A-team, the Young Violets, which will remain in the 2nd league, is not a topic yet.

Kraetschmer, ‘There are still a few groups that will be working on a wide range of topics and questions with the Bundesliga in the coming week. Of course, Austria Wien is represented everywhere and we will be very involved. Because there are still a lot of question marks regarding licensing, game operations, the schedule for this and the coming season or the transfer period.’

Knowing that there is already a great demand and longing for football among fans, efforts are naturally being made to find solutions for all points as quickly as possible in order for the clubs to get back to normality. ‘We will do everything we can, but we also think about test capacities, health, and resources that others in the population may need more.’

But even the return to training is not yet clearly defined. ‘The framework conditions are specified by the politicians and the Ministry of Sport and Health. As Minister Kogler said, we want to orientate ourselves towards the German Bundesliga and will gradually work out a sequence. It has already been established that there can be small groups first and then team training.’ But even then, the government's decision is necessary. We can only act when we know more.

According to Kraetschmer, the league internally had a very good exchange with the other clubs and the Bundesliga with the various ministries. ‘We want to clarify things as quickly as possible, but there are still so many unanswered questions about so many topics. And above all, you have to get a grip on health on the part of medicine, and that is extremely difficult.’

In any case, there are already many ideas, but the question always arises: What do the authorities allow? What hygienic and medical measures are required? For training, games or test games? What happens if someone tests positive? And you still don't know in which direction the infection curve is developing?

In any case, Kraetschmer & Co. have already decided on the remaining games, which this season could only be played as ghost games, with regard to bonuses for subscription owners. ‘We already have a few suggestions for our fans and partners, so we will be approaching everyone next week.’

Everything mentioned here is according to Thursday evening.