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On-loan player Poulsen hopes for decisions

Austria Wien has the Danish U21 team player from Borussia Mönchengladbach on loan until the end of the season. Andreas Poulsen is closely following developments in Austria, Germany and Denmark and hopes for an early perspective for the continuation of the Bundesliga. ‘At the moment we can only wait. I hope I can finish the season at Austria Wien, we'll see more during the summer.’

Andreas Poulsen walks to the Generali-Arena every day to train with his defence teammates and Christian Ilzer in the small group. At the Viola Park next to the stadium, the Dane is thinking about his future. His uncertainty is twofold. Like all “Violets”, he is not only waiting for clear decisions by the government to know when the season with can continue, but also to plan his future.

‘I don't know what's going to happen during the summer. I am in contact with Gladbach, but they have exactly the same problem: for the moment we all have to wait and see what the politicians decide. In Denmark, too, the clubs and players hope that the league will continue to be played at the end of May,’ says Poulsen, who tries to deal with the uncertainty as best he can:

He likes the small groups as a temporary solution

‘Of course, it is not pleasant that we don’t know how and when to continue. We all want to start playing soon, but health is of course the top priority.’ In the meantime, the 20-year-old is working on his skills in his training group with Florian Klein, Michael Madl, Erik Palmer-Brown, Alexandar Borkovic and Jimmy Jeggo.

‘I think the small group training at Austria Wien is very good; it is much better than just running. We have trained very well with Christian Ilzer in the last few days, but of course we want to train as a team to improve,‘ said the Danish U-21 team player.

Throw-in: a weapon not by accident

After coming to Austria Wien during winter, Andreas Poulsen promptly became a regular player, playing left defence in all four spring rounds. For attentive spectators in the stands and in front of the TV screens, one thing was particularly obvious: the Dane's precise and wide throw-ins. An accident? Not at all.

At his home club FC Midtjylland, he already trained with the throw-in world record holder (51.33 meters) Thomas Gronnemark, whom Jürgen Klopp has now led to Liverpool. With assistant coach Sargon Duran he also has a real throw-in specialist at his side at Austria Wien:

‘When I joined the first team in Midtjylland, Gronnemark trained with all full-backs - I learned a lot during that time. I talk to Sargon about it very often. We train the throws in extra units. We know that they can be a good weapon for the team.’

The rounds of the Dane at Laaerberg

If he can use his weapon again in the Generali-Arena, he knows the immediate surroundings much better than before the Corona break. At Laaerberg, where he goes for his runs in the home program, he could probably trace every bump. He always adheres to the government's guidelines and spends a lot of time in his apartment at the Viola Park. ‘Of course, sometimes it's a little boring alone. I often play on my PlayStation with friends from Denmark and stay in touch with them.’