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Palmer-Brown is leading by example

Erik Palmer-Brown, on loan from Manchester City, is an integral element in the violet defence. The 22-year-old American is committed to respect & fairness and explains how Austria Wien can win against RB Salzburg.

In the minutes before each game, Palmer-Brown takes a few quiet moments in the dressing room, puts on his headphones and gets in the mood for the match. The central defender never forgets the core of the sport, in no second of his robust and powerful appearance during the following 90 minutes:

‘For me, respect for the opponent and fairness are essential components of football. I always try to set an example for myself, I also challenge the people around me to do so and I treat my teammates and opponents only the way I want to be treated,’ explains the two-time national team player, who was lend to Austria Wien until this summer from the English top club Manchester City.

As captain of the US team, Palmer-Brown took on a leading role at the U20 World Cup 2017 in South Korea early on in his career - a responsibility that he now wants to take on in his own way during this difficult phase at Austria Wien: ‘I'm trying to set a good example, work hard and always want to present the best version of myself.’

‘They'll be open somewhere’

In order to be successful against RB Salzburg on Sunday, the entire Austria Wien team has to present their best side during the entire game: ‘We had a slow start against Altach - they immediately took advantage of their first two chances and we were not able to implement our game plan at all. I think we showed good character when we made up for the 0-2, but unfortunately we didn't manage to score the third goal,’ said Palmer-Brown, who was able to prove himself with a duel rate of 80 percent.

High intensity is required against RB Salzburg: ‘We also have to go into the game with the mentality that we can win this duel. Salzburg will press early - that's why we want to find playful solutions in the game structure to get into the next zone, because: somewhere they will be open. It will be important to keep the ball in our own ranks.’

Two Austria Wien rookies as his defence partners

With 31-year-old Michael Madl, who is doing better after his slight concussion from the game against Altach on Tuesday, Palmer-Brown has an experienced defence chief at his side: ‘Mike’s English is very good and we get along great. He is a cool and funny guy off the field, he is very serious during the game, demands a lot from his teammates - Mike controls the defensive line very well,’ says the 22-year-old, who can learn a lot form his teammate who is nine years older than him. ‘Some parts of my game still have to evolve - so it's good to have Mike next to me. I was lacking such an experienced teammate who gives me really good commands at the last clubs.’

Even Alexandar Borkovic (20), who is two years younger than him, an Austria Wien rookie, like Madl, and was substituted in last Saturday against Altach in the 28th minute, makes a very good impression on Palmer-Brown: ‘Borkovic plays very clean technically and is very far for his young age,’ says the American, who plays the guitar in his spare time, plays golf and keeps in touch with his American friends overseas via online gaming. With his teammate Jimmy Jeggo, during the training camp in Belek his neighbour on the bus, conversation partner number one at the dinner table and roommate, he also likes to play cards between trainings.