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Sarkaria: ‘I don’t want to give away my spot in the team’

Manprit Sarkaria established himself a great place within the team with his strong performances in autumn. The 23-year-old “Violet” explains what he is personally working on during the current preparation, why he is particularly looking forward to the training camp & how he likes his new teammate on the left, Andreas Poulsen.

In the first two test games, Manprit Sarkaria seamlessly followed his form, most recently he was one of the most striking players with two goals and an assist during the 7-2 against FAC:

‘With every training session and test game, we get better. The game against FAC was not easy due to the very cold conditions, but we tried to play well and made the best of it,’ said the winger.

What should Austria Wien do better during spring?

The performance curve of the long-standing "Violet” (since 2013) rose steeply in autumn. First Sarkaria had recommended himself for more responsibility with ten points (six goals/four assists) in ten second Bundesliga games, in the last six rounds he then also brought a lot of momentum in the Bundesliga.

Austria Wien remained unbeaten in all five season games in which Sarkaria was in the starting line-up. ‘We always have to play as during the last games in autumn, but we have to be even more focused in the second half and control the game even more,’ emphasizes the 23-year-old.

Sarkaria sets goals & appreciates the parallel training camp

At the start of preparation, coach Christian Ilzer emphasized that every squad player has the chance to qualify for the starting line-up. ‘I go into the current training as focused and motivated as ever. I want to stay in the starting line-up and don’t want to give up my spot,’ Sarkaria confidently emphasizes and sets specific goals: ‘I want to improve my weaker foot and my defensive work.’

For the long-time “Young Violet” it is very positive that both professional teams will be living in the same hotel in Belek and that they will be having their training camps at the same time. ‘It is definitely good for us. For me personally it is nice because I can also spend time with a lot of old friends. I am looking forward to the training camp. Turkey always offers nice hotels, good food and excellent pitches.’

Sarkaria: ‘Poulsen is very present in the offense’

The fun factor should not be neglected in football, says Sarkaria, who sharpens his technique before and after the training sessions, for example with football tennis or at the gym.

With Andreas Poulsen, Sarkaria got a new team-mate on his side. In the 7-2 test game against FAC, the two worked their left wing together for the first time in the first half (5-0). ‘He goes into the offense a lot; I really like that. If he goes forward, I will secure him from the back,’ says Sarkaria, who gets along well with the Danish U21 team player in private as well. ‘He is a very pleasant, calm guy.’