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Strict deadlines for the league final

The solidarity of the Bundesliga clubs is currently compensating for the worst scenario. Less than a week ago the corona virus brought our entire football-microcosm to the edge of the (un) imaginable. The circles drawn are getting bigger, the consequences are still hard to predict.

With the spread of Covid-19, everyone is forced to take radical measures. Logically, if the economy already needs an aid program, which has been drastically increased by the federal government today, then it is clear that sport, football and the clubs of the Austrian Bundesliga will need financial help in the coming months.

Today's conference of the clubs, which was held for the first time in a video conference, was therefore very solidary and accepted the package of measures presented by the BL office and the further procedure with a large majority!

CEO Markus Kraetschmer, who played a central role at the conference together with game operations manager Andreas Trimmel, subsequently said, ‘Every club representative is aware of the seriousness of the situation. Despite the greatest optimism, it will still be weeks, if not months, before we all stabilize the normal operation. For athletic and economic reasons, it is our goal that the season can be played! But of course, it is our duty to closely monitor current developments on a daily basis and to re-evaluate them accordingly. We will take another vote in two weeks at the latest and define further steps for the current and the next season!’

Following the forecasts of the authorities and associations, it will certainly be a big task to implement the model. But it is doable. With the postponement of the European Championship, dates can now be used until the end of June. Accordingly, the continuation of the championship can be postponed until early May.

Sports Director Peter Stöger, ‘In the past few days we have often emphasized that life without football is much more important at the moment. However, it is also our duty to think through the various options. And really from day to day, with reason and patience, because in addition to our athletic scenarios, the core issue is still the virus.’

Only medicine and research can take drastic steps, because the decision when to play again lies solely with the health experts and the government.

Stöger, ‘We have to accept that there are still many unknowns in our calculations at the moment. Of course, we will do our best with our coaches, players and all employees to be able to continue the season in due time. It is clear that every player wants to play games, but health has priority over the busy schedule. In any case, we offer the boys all the support on a social level. We are here around the clock to answer your questions and concerns.’

If the situation generally relaxes and it is possible to restart the games, the clubs will immediately advise on specific dates and decide on an alternative schedule. With the appropriate preparation time, of course.

The fact that the Women's Champions League final (scheduled for May 24th, 2020 in the Generali-Arena) is being postponed is already a done deal. The exact dates and details are still to be determined and will be communicated.