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Austria Wien and Insignia sign strategic partnership

Deal done! FK Austria Wien and the internationally operating company INSIGNIA fix a cooperation pointing the way ahead and found a joint marketing company, the FK Austria Wien Int. Marketing GmbH.

This special form of strategic partnership has several advantages:

  • FK Austria Wien AG remains 100 % owned by the club FK Austria Wien, the club color and our logo remain unchanged.
  • It is ensured that all regulations (FIFA, UEFA, ÖFBL etc.) are adhered to.

The marketing company has the task of attracting international sponsors, for which the large and worldwide network of our new partner will be used. This solution also ensures that the existing contracts with long-standing domestic and foreign sponsors will continue to be upheld without restriction.

At the same time, it is also guaranteed that our loyal partners and long-time supporters will continue to play a very important role in the success of our club.

The additional funds from this new partnership are to be invested in the sustainable strengthening of the performance of the professional teams. This should also ensure that FK Austria Wien once again reaches the status in national and international football that the Austria Wien fans desire.

Frank Hensel, President FK Austria Wien: "We are of course very pleased about the great partnership with Insignia. For FK Austria Wien, this agreement is an important strategic step into the future. We had been preparing this change for the sustainable further development of the club for quite some time, now everything is finalized and there is this long-term planning security, which we have set as our goal. My thanks go to everyone involved, everyone deserves a lot of praise for the trusting and highly professional discussions in the intensive work processes of the past months."

Markus Kraetschmer, CEO FK Austria Wien: "We are very happy to have found a reliable and competent partner in Insignia. This is a milestone in the club history of FK Austria Wien. From the very beginning, Insignia's representatives have always emphasized the absolute strengths of FK Austria Wien, such as the infrastructure, structure of the club, the strength of the Bundesliga and the city of Vienna. It was quickly clear to everyone that the foundation has already been laid by us, and we will build on this together. But it is just as important to us to have all the existing partners who have supported us so faithfully, especially in recent months, on board in this new constellation. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the committee members, the staff and our external consultants for their great teamwork over the past months."

Luka Sur, Vice President Insignia Lifestyle Group: "I am proud to say that I was born in Vienna and a considerable part of my family still lives here. Accordingly, Vienna is also a very special city in my heart, to which I have a great emotional attachment. We are convinced that this club has great potential and that it can achieve promising success. The history of this club, the fans, the fantastic infrastructure and all this in the heart of Europe make perfect sense for us. Vienna is definitely a strong brand, and we see Austria Wien in the same way. We know that this project is a big challenge for everyone, that's why we are thinking long-term. This is now an important first step on a path that will still involve a lot of work for all those responsible. But we will do everything together to make this project a success."

FK Austria Wien would also like to thank two external partners for their very competent support during these talks:

1) To attorney Dr. Stefan Weishaupt, LL.M. MRICS, of Weishaupt Horak Georgiev Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG.

2) To the team of Mr. Robert Hufnagel of Ernst & Young Corporate Finance GmbH