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Austria Wien an St. Pölten parted with a 1-1 draw

In a varied game, especially in the second half, Austria Wien managed to equalize through Aleksandar Jukić after St. Pölten took the lead. Ahmet Muhamedbegovic scored in the 39th minute for the guests.

Peter Stöger sent his team onto the field in a 4-4-2 system against St. Pölten. Bright Edomwonyi replaced the injured Christoph Monschein, Benedikt Pichler started at his side up front. Patrick Wimmer started instead of Thomas Ebner, but Stephan Zwierschitz took his place in the defensive midfield. Georg Teigl moved back to the right-back position. Dominik Fitz and Alon Turgeman sat on the bench for the first time after their injuries.

Robert Ibertsberger made three changes to his team. Ahmet Muhamedbegovic, Daniel Luxbacher and Alexander Schmidt replaced Daniel Drescher, Daniel Schütz and Lukas Grozurek.

St. Pölten scored after a corner

Austria Wien left the ball to St. Pölten in the beginning but had the first chance in the ninth minute. After a nice solo by Bright Edomwonyi, Georg Teigl came to a finish, but he missed the goal. Contact between Manuel Maranda and Edomwonyi in the penalty area was too little for a penalty kick in referee Alexander Harkam eyes (13’). Alexander Grünwald shot over the goal from the edge of the penalty area in the 18th minute, Manprit Sarkaria missed after assist by Edomwonyi (25’). A shot by Markus Suttner was deflected to the corner (29’).

In between, St. Pölten had a chance through Alexander Schmidt, who did not hit the ball well enough (20’), but the guests took the lead in the 39th minute after a corner kick: Dor Hugi curled the ball to Ahmet Muhamedbegovic, who headed the ball into the net – 0:1. Hugi almost scored the 0-2 with another header shortly after, but the ball went next to the goal (42’). The Israeli also missed a big chance during stoppage time in the first half.

Jukić equalized!

Peter Stöger reacted during the break, bringing Aleksandar Jukić and Alon Turgeman for Manprit Sarkaria and Patrick Wimmer. The “Violets” started well and had two good chances through Bright Edomwonyi (46’, 50’). Christoph Riegler, in the goal of the guests, saved a great chance by Aleksandar Jukić (53’). On the other side, Patrick Pentz saved Austria Wien from a higher deficit against Alexander Schmidt (54’). A nice shot by Grünwald in the 60th minute was blocked. Peter Pokorny chased the ball over the goal, Alon Turgeman did not get the ball under control after a cross by Suttner (62’). Patrick Pentz remained the winner in the duel against Hugi (65th) - the game wobbled back and forth.

Dominik Fitz celebrated his comeback after 74 minutes, Stephan Zwierschitz left the field. In the 84th minute they finally equalized: Alexander Grünwald hit a cross in the middle, Benedikt Pichler failed on Riegler, Aleksandar Jukić scored - 1-1, his first goal for the A-team. Shortly after Alexander Grünwald had to leave the field with yellow-red, Thomas Ebner and Christoph Schösswendter came into the game for the final minutes. Jukić had the last chance after a cross by Teigl, Austria Wien and SKN St. Pölten parted 1-1.

FK Austria Wien - SKN St. Pölten 1-1 (0-1)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Teigl, Handl, Palmer-Brown, Suttner; Wimmer (46’ Turgeman), Zwierschitz (74’ Fitz), Grünwald, Sarkaria (46’ Jukić); Edomwonyi (88’ Ebner), Pichler

St. Pölten: Riegler; Blauensteiner, Maranda, Muhamedbegovic, Schulz; Luxbacher (75’ Schütz), Pokorny, Ljubicic; Davies (68’ Steinwender), Schmidt (75’ Grozurek), Hugi

Goals: Jukić (84’); Muhamedbegovic (39’)

Yellow cards: Grünwald (81’); Luxbacher (69’)

Yellow-red card: Grünwald (86’)

Generali-Arena, referee Alexander Harkam, no spectators due to COVID-19 regulation