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2-2 in the home game against Admira

The “Violets” took the lead twice through Christoph Monschein and Benedikt Pichler, but Erwin Hoffer and Maximilian Breunig each equalized for Admira.

Peter Stöger relied on Aleksandar Jukić on the left wing. Stephan Zwierschitz was not able to play because of an adductor problem, Georg Teigl played, as in the second half against Ried, on the right in the back four. Benedikt Pichler moved into the starting line-up instead of Alexander Grünwald.

Admira played their third game in the tipico Bundesliga with their third coach, Damir Buric, an old friend, returned. The Croatian switched his team on six positions after the severe defeat against St. Pölten.

Monschein took the lead, Hoffer equalized

The game started worth watching. A corner kicked flat by Markus Suttner reached Manprit Sarkaria, whose shot was deflected to the corner (3’). Admira had the first chance shortly after, Maximilian Breunig shot an assist from Morten Hjulmand over the goal (4’). Aleksandar Jukić - praised by Peter Stöger for his standards before the game - shot another corner in the 8’ minute and the ball promptly landed in the goal. Michael Madl headed the cross to Christoph Monschein, and the goal getter scored the 1-0 - his third goal of the season.

The “Violets” kept on pushing, only one minute after the lead Monschein slammed the ball onto the crossbar after a pass from Georg Teigl, the follow-up shot by Jukić was blocked to the corner (9’). Unfortunately, Benedikt Pichler could not use the sharp cross by Patrick Wim

mer, Wimmer himself headed next to the goal after a cross by Suttner (13’, 14’).

Austria Wien then took a step back and had to accept the equalizer in the 28th minute through Erwin Hoffer after assist by Roman Kerschbaum. After that, the home team became more dominant again, but no more scoring opportunities could be recorded.

Pichler scored the lead, Breunig equalized ...

Shortly after the restart, Austria Wien took the lead again after a corner kick, Benedikt Pichler used a precise cross from Markus Suttner to score the 2-1 (52’). A shot by Sarkaria landed in the hands of Admira goalkeeper Andreas Leitner (54’). Emanuel Aiwu tore Pichler down in the penalty area, referee Alan Kijas refused the penalty-kick (56’).

After an hour, Alexander Grünwald came into the game for Patrick Wimmer. Manprit Sarkaria made his way through Admira’s defence, his cross was a few centimetres too high for Monschein (63’). Sarkaria took a volley from Suttner after a corner and the ball passed the goal by a hair's breadth (73’). On the other side, Patrick Pentz was almost surprised by a corner kicked directly by Tomislav Tomic (75’). Monschein assisted Alex Grünwald in the 78th minute, the shot by the captain was too central.

Substitute Kekoh Felix Ndifor gave Admira the chance to score the 2-2, but the Cameroonian shot over the goal from promising position (79’). Maximilian Breunig did better and scored in the 87th minute. The “Violets” had to accept one point against the bottom of the table.

FK Austria Wien - FC Flyeralarm Admira 2-2 (1-1)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Teigl, Madl, Palmer-Brown, Suttner; Ebner; Wimmer (60’ Grünwald), Pichler (85’ Jarjué), Sarkaria, Jukić (71’ Sax); Monschein

Admira: Leitner; Aiwu, Vorsager (80’ Maierhofer), Rath; Tomic (86’ Gartner); Hausjell, Kerschbaum, Hjulmand, Cirkovic; Breunig, Hoffer (62’ Ndifor)

Goals: Monschein (8’), Pichler (52’); Hoffer (28’), Breunig (87’)

Yellow cards: Palmer-Brown (88’); Cirkovic (34’), Rath (65’)

Generali-Arena, referee Alan Kijas, 3,000 spectators (restriction due to COVID-19 regulation)