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Caner Cavlan: "A great position"

Many of you will have noticed it, maybe even wondered: Caner Cavlan was increasingly used in the right midfield in the course of the preparation - and successfully entered the scorer list several times.

We have known that trainer Christian Ilzer is a passionate chess player since the latest photo on his Instagram profile. Now he also used a typical chess move within his team - and pulled Caner Cavlan in the manner of the "runner" figure from left back to the right in the front.

The position meant more or less new territory for Cavlan - but it worked out from the start: ‘Of course I also played on the left wing - but this more offensive role on the right side is new. Still it's a great position for a left footer, because you can effect even more.’

‘Six weeks of preparation helped as well’

Regardless of whether it's a pass to the centre, or through the defence or a goal - ‘I really like the position. I immediately felt good. And six weeks of preparation also helped to get used to this new role.’

Cavlan, who came from the Dutch first division club Emmen during the summer, is developing well in the right midfield, he says with a smile: ‘Too many instructions have not yet been necessary because I didn’t do too badly. But of course, there are clear guidelines.’

Feel-good factor

One or the other is already feeling good after the preparation but ultimately, of course, the competitive games will reveal the truth. The 28-year-old says: ‘It is important that we remain stable and focus on the full season in every game. To be honest, I think we all feel ready.’

This is also due to the fact that Cavlan feels at home in Vienna. Also, because his family is here: ‘My wife and my children like it in Vienna, the club is great and the city is beautiful. The only thing that is still missing is the team’s success. Hopefully this will change in the spring.’