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Coronavirus: Q&A

These days we have numerous questions about the effects of Covid19 on the clubs and their fans. On this page, which is continuously being updated, we keep you up-to-date and try to give as many answers as possible.

Based on the measures taken by the federal government to contain the corona virus, there are also effects on the Bundesliga and on several public appointments of Austria Wien.

It is now known that the Bundesliga and second league rounds have to be postponed throughout Austria in March. We have summarized the most common questions and answers.

Q: When will the postponed games be held?

A: It is not yet clear when the games will take place. A club conference at Bundesliga level will take place on March 17th, 2020. In this context, the further procedure will be discussed according to the current status.

Q: I bought day tickets for the home game against Admira. What happens to them now?

A: The tickets will of course be valid for the alternate date, provided that these are carried out in public. Everything possible is currently being done for the games to be held with an audience. Any scenarios for day ticket holders will of course also be discussed asap and announced as soon as it is clear when the games can be held.

Question: I have season tickets. What impact will the postponements have on me?

A: The same applies here: As announced, everything is currently being done to make sure the games will be held in front of fans. All season tickets will of course be valid if the home games are played at another time. Any alternative scenarios will of course also be discussed. These will be announced promptly as soon as these scenarios become effective.

Q: Is the “Viola Sportsbar” open on Champions League nights or during away games?

A: The Viola Sportsbar will remain closed until further notice. This means the Champions League games will no longer be broadcast starting on March 11th, after strict rules also apply to indoor events and we would like to support these measures. We hope we are able to open again soon. As soon as away games in front of fans in this country are allowed again, the broadcast of the games in the sports bar is usually associated with this.

Q: Does Austria Wien currently have public PR appointments such as autograph sessions or the like?

A: To support the measures of the federal government, we refrain from such events until further notice, but of course we try to make up for these events as soon as possible.

Q: Are the trainings currently public?

A: The training is currently upright and almost unchanged. However, the sessions are currently held in private and we thank everyone for their understanding.

Q: Will the fan shop and the office remain open?

A: Yes, both the fan shop and the office are open during the usual business hours.

Q: The “Youth Day” is scheduled for March 26th - is the event still happening?

A: The “Youth Day” has been postponed. We will announce the new date as soon as the situation allows it.