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Austria Wien loses the first place in Ried

Austria Wien took the lead through goals by Alexander Grünwald and Aleksandar Jukić and looked like the winner for a long time. The following goal by Marco Grüll gave the hosts a boost, Ante Bajic and Manuel Kehre turned the game with late goals.

Both coaches went for rotation in the last game, Peter Stöger made seven changes. This time Stephan Zwierschitz and Andreas Poulsen started on the full-back positions. Stefan Ebner replaced Eric Martel in the defensive midfield. In the offensive, Agim Zeka made his debut for Austria Wien, Aleksandar Jukić and Alexander Grünwald started next to him. Benedikt Pichler started as the solo striker.

Ried coach Andreas Heraf changed his team on eight positions. Samuel Sahin-Radlinger, Michael Lercher, Thomas Reifeltshammer, Marcel Ziegl, Daniel Offenbacher, Marco Grüll, Stefan Nutz and Julian Wießmeier were new to the team.

Alex Grünwald scored again

Vesel Demaku fired the first shot of the game, but missed (7’). In the counterattack, Ried came dangerously close, Marco Grüll hit the bar (15’). However, Austria Wien took the lead: Agim Zeka passed to Alexander Grünwald, who scored after a nice combination with Benedikt Pichler - 1-0 (17’). In the 28th minute, the captain had a chance to score the second goal after assist by Aleksandar Jukić, but goalkeeper Samuel Sahin-Radlinger reacted and saved the shot from close range. Thomas Reifeltshammer missed with a header after a free kick by Daniel Offenbacher (31’). Ried wanted the equalizer before the break, which gave Austria Wien a chance to counterattack: Pichler failed against Sahin-Radlinger after Zeka's assist (45’) - 1-0 at halftime.

Ried turns the game around

Peter Stöger exchanged Eric Martel for Vesel Demaku during the break. Benedikt Pichler had the first chance, but shot over the goal after an assist by Aleksandar Jukić (53’). Alexander Grünwald was fouled near the penalty area, Jukić shot the free kick and scored beautifully - 2-0 (57’).

The scorer and Pichler left the field shortly afterwards, Marco Djuricin and Manprit Sarkaria came into the game. Georg Teigl replaced Christoph Schösswendter, Eric Martel took over the position in central defence. A shot by Stefan Nutz missed the goal, Patrick Pentz did not have to intervene in his 100th Bundesliga game. Agim Zeka shot over the goal (74’). After a good performance during 75 minutes Alexander Grünwald was replaced by Dominik Fitz. Marco Grüll scored the next goal ten minutes before the end, the ball slipped through Patrick Pentz’s legs (79’).

SV Ried, cheered on by almost 3,000 enthusiastic fans, sensed the chance of something countable. Patrick Pentz parried a long shot by Grüll (86’), but had no chance against Ante Bajic a little later. The hosts managed to equalize in the 89th minute. It got even worse - substitute Manuel Kerhe scored the 3-2 during stoppage time and the “Violets” had to admit defeat.

Austria Wien ends the tipico Bundesliga in 8th place, and the European Cup playoff in Hartberg will continue on Monday.

SV Guntamatic Ried - FK Austria Wien 3-2 (0-1)

Ried: Sahin-Radlinger; Wießmeier (90’+2’ Kehre), Reifeltshammer, Meisl (68’ Boateng), Reiner (82’ Stosic), Lercher; Ziegl, Offenbacher (68’ Satin); Bajic, Nutz, Grüll

Austria Wien: Pentz; Zwierschitz, Schösswendter (70’ Teigl), Handl, Poulsen; Demaku (46’ Martel), Ebner; Jukić (57’ Sarkaria), Grünwald (75’ Fitz), Zeka; Pichler (57’ Djuricin)

Goals: Grüll (79’), Bajic (89’), Kehre (90’+4’); Grünwald (17’), Jukić (56)

Yellow cards: Bajic (54’), Offenbacher (55’), Kehre (90’+5’); Handl (81’), Poulsen (85’), Teigl (90’)

josko ARENA, referee Alan Kijas, 2,640 spectators (restriction due to COVID-19 regulation)