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Ilzer, ‘It is important to structure the day’

The corona crisis has a major impact on everyone's life, so the coaching team and the Austria Wien’s team are working from home right now. Christian Ilzer explains what tips he gives his players, how he structures his own daily routine and what he can now work on more than usual.

The home program of the players is as specific as possible, but training on the pitch can never be completely replaced: ‘Therefore, we can only be physically ready to start intensive football training at any time - it is also important to stay ready mentally,’ emphasizes the Austria Wien coach, who gives his players some tips:

‘It is crucial that you structure your day. I think that's a good tip for everyone. Otherwise it will be difficult to get going again afterwards. For example, I always run my own home program 100 percent on my own responsibility. Tomorrow's winners are born during a crisis - every player must be aware of that.’

Daily contact with coaches & players

Christian Ilzer exchanges ideas with his coaching colleagues and players every day, no longer on the training ground or in the dressing rooms, but via SAP, WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype. There are always topics to be discussed, athletic coach Marco Angeler is the most important contact for questions about the home program:

‘It is important that we keep the players fit with a well-structured and individual home program. We are in constant communication with everyone. We are also continuing to work on our SAP database, reflecting on our training concept and trying to create things for which there is otherwise little time and which will add value in the long term,’ explains Ilzer.

The families are now in focus

Family plays an important part in Christian Ilzer's current day structure. In the mornings, together with his wife, he supports the children with their teaching assignments they got from school:

‘I'm responsible for math and science, my wife for languages. This usually takes three to four hours - we are very structured. Otherwise, I try to keep myself physically and mentally fit, I read a lot and continue my education - but not only in relation to football, but globally. ‘

‘An extremely demanding situation’

Due to UEFA's decision to postpone the Europa League by one year, the Bundesliga can now use dates until the end of June. Accordingly, the continuation of the championship could be postponed until the beginning of May. ‘Basically, it is an extremely demanding situation because you do not know if and when the season will continue - we must therefore always be ready,’ says Ilzer, who remains optimistic after the disappointing spring start:

‘We feel like we're running on escalators, but we still have to keep going, persevering and consistent. Everyone is asked to work on themselves and to improve. We are particularly challenged because we have not achieved our goal - the championship group. But that's all secondary now - it is important that we all overcome this crisis together. When normality returns, we have to be ready for it,’ says Ilzer.