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Victory series extend: 2-0 win against Admira

Dominik Fitz scored the early lead for the "Violets", Christoph Monschein scored the 0-2 with a penalty shot. Austria Wien now has a five-point lead over Altach.

Without a break Austria Wien continued the season against Admira, coach Christian Ilzer made four changes: Alexandar Borković and Christoph Martschinko replaced Erik Palmer-Brown and Stephan Zwierschitz in the back four. Instead of Thomas Ebner, James Jeggo started, while Christoph Monschein returned to the starting eleven as striker. Bright Edomwonyi took a seat on the bench.

Admira coach Zvonimir Soldo had to do without the suspended Christoph Schösswendter and Roman Kerschbaum. Morten Hjulmand, Marco Kadlec and Sinan Bakis were new to the team compared to the 1-1 draw in Altach.

Fitz scored the lead and injured himself shortly after

As in the two games against Wattens, Austria Wien again scored an early goal, with the first shot on goal. Dominik Fitz caught a pass by Mario Pavelic and scored the 0-1 in the 11th minute.

Fitz was injured shortly after because of a foul by Daniel Toth, Thomas Ebner replaced the scorer. Admira used the short time during the treatment, Marcus Maier came to a finish, the ball hit the crossbar (20’).

Austria Wien presented itself very safe, the pass rate was just under 90%. The game didn’t have many chances but towards the end of the first half more offensive actions could be seen again. Shots by Alexander Grünwald and Christoph Monschein went far over the goal (40’, 42’). Another attempt by the striker was too weak and caused no problem for Andreas Leitner (43’). With the tight lead the break started.

Monschein scored from the spot

At half-time Erik Palmer-Brown came for Alexandar Borković, the American could only be stopped by a foul during his first attempt. The resulting free kick was shot by Manprit Sarkaria and landed in the wall (48’). Sarkaria had another chance after a cross from Martschinko, Leitner prevented the goal with a great parade (49’). Emanuel Aiwu brought Christoph Monschein off his feet in the penalty area, referee Christian-Petru Ciochirca awarded Austria Wien the first penalty of the entire season. Monschein scored his 16th goal this season – 0-2 (50’).

Free kick opportunities by Manprit Sarkaria and Michael Madl remained unused (52’, 63’). Benedikt Pichler was injured - again after a serious foul by Toth - and Patrick Wimmer came into the game as substitute. Grünwald put Leitner to the test with a shot from a turn - too central (69’).

The home team had several chances in the final phase. Seth Paintsil appeared in front of Patrick Pentz; our goalie remained the winner of the duel (73’). A shot from Muhammed-Cham Saracevic went over the goal (75’), a free kick from Kolja Pusch was parried by Pentz (80’). Manprit Sarkaria and Maximilian Sax, who got into the game for Alex Grünwald, failed on Admira’s strong goalkeeper Leitner (85’, 89’). Bright Edomwonyi – on the pitch for Christoph Monschein - had the last chance (90’+5’), the game ended with the 0-2.

Austria Wien celebrated their 4th win in a row, the "Violets" have been undefeated for 8 rounds. SKN St. Pölten is waiting in the Generali-Arena on Saturday.

FC Flyeralarm Admira - FK Austria Wien 0-2 (0-1)

Admira: Leitner; Pavelic (56’ Petlach), Bauer, Aiwu, Maier; Lackner, Toth (56’ Hoffer); Hjulmand, Pusch (85’ Pink), Kadlec (66’ Paintsil); Bakis (67’ Saracevic)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Klein, Madl, Borković, Martschinko; Fitz (21’ Ebner), Jeggo, Grünwald (81’ Sax); Sarkaria, Monschein (81’ Edomwonyi), Pichler (59’ Wimmer)

Goals: Fitz (11’), Monschein (50’, penalty)

Yellow cards: Kadlec (37’), Pusch (54’), Toth (55’), Maier (85’); Palmer-Brown (78’)

BSFZ-Arena, referee Christian-Petru Ciochirca, no spectators allowed